June 21, 2011

Mobile Photographs!

Hi Guys,

I prefer to take photographs using my digital camera, but I can't take it to all the places and have with me all the times. Sometimes, I use the camera in my mobile phone. Its just a 0.3 MP camera and can produce images of 640X480 resolution. I capture images just as fun and I never expect good images though I get decent images sometimes, thanks to the good quality of Nokia. After taking many photos I understood that the main criteria should be that the surrounding should be bright and there should be natural light. Here I share some of the photos with you.

Vegetable Vendor in Chithirai street, near Meenakshi Amman Temple
A large Nandhi nearby Meenakshi Amman Temple
Found this in a college, where I went to participate in a workshop
Greenish Farm- took it during a train journey from Madurai to Chennai
River Cauvery from the train. Took during the same journey
Train Track located nearby houses. Took during the same journey
Took it in Anna Nagar, Madurai
A picture of a tall light post in Madurai
Happy Viewing!!!


  1. Superb captures , amazing display .

  2. @CooperJal

    thanks for the comments.... yeah, in a way these photos represent india...

  3. @Team G Square

    thanks for the comments... its great to get comments from a photographer like u...

  4. Hi Karthick !
    I am must say with your .3 MP Camera you have captured some very nice pics.
    Now will try to be regular at your blog again, you have changed whole of the look which look quite refreshing.
    Happy Blogging.
    Best Wishes !

  5. Sorry I am late Karthick, these are wonderful clicks from a .3 mp camera... Loved the vegetables, quite fresh.
    Just wanted to Thank You for your constant support and cheerful comments on my blog.
    Have a fabulous week ahead:)

  6. @sush

    thanks for the comments...

  7. @Abhishek

    its good to see u again... yeah, changed the look just recently... hope u will continue blogging soon...

  8. @Arti

    its great that u read the post... we r all busy at times and so it is nothing...
    u write wonderful posts and its nothing big that I visit ur blog often... more than me, my mother loves ur blog so much as u write about the temples of india...
    i would also like to thank u for constantly visiting my blog and inspiring to write well...

  9. I enjoyed you blog. The pictures are beautiful. I will do my best to remember to visit your site often. Thank you for sharing and good luck with your blog.


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