August 12, 2011

2 and growing!!! Thank you again!

Hi Guys,

It has been two years since I started this blog. It is my blog's second birthday and I feel great at this moment. A Big Thanks to all the supporters.

I'm suffering from cold and its difficult to sit and write all the things. So, let me shorten some things.

Again I want to thank the 3 motivators ( you can find them at my 1st Birthday post).

Apart from that I want to thank all my blogging friends, who visit my blog frequently and help me a lot. You can visit their blog by clicking on their name.

To begin with, there is Arti, who doesn't miss even a single post of mine and gives comments. Then, there is Abhishek who was my first blogging friend. Don't know what happened to him as he doesn't blog these days.

There is Team G Square, two people brilliant in photography. There is Magic eye who is also a great photographer.

Apart from them there are enormous bloggers who leave comments quite often. Thanks to them too!

Two of my real friends inspired me started blogging. They are also great supporters of my blog. They are Vijay and Vimal.

I asked my friends to give opinions on my blog and it was quite a late request. Despite that one of my brother's friend, Nataraj Gandhi who is also an avid reader of my blog sent me a mail. This is what he sent.

It is always nice to see a person beginning a good hobby but more satisfying is when the hobby turns to a passion and the person continues it. It is really pleasing to see Karthick still continuing the good work he started two years back. kudos to him.

One of the reasons his blog interests me a lot is the variety of topics he manages to pen down his thoughts on. I particularly love his blogs on movies. Some of the movies he has talked about are real gems. Also the blog relating physics and health ( thermodynamics and dieting ) was really cool.

Well, i wish Karthick all the very best and hope he continues the good work!! All the best!

Thanks guys... Keep Supporting me!!!

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Hey Karthick,
    First of all Happy Birthday to your blog... May it go on and on...
    And Thanks for the mention, I love your blog, its great!!
    I love your photo posts the most followed by the movie ones and the mechanical ones... Also like sports related posts, by the way India too has caught cold in England!!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend:)

  2. @Arti

    thanks for the comments...

    yeah.... india is doing so poorly in england.... i thought of writing abt it, but then left as the performance is so poor...

  3. Hey buddy , Happy blogoversary . Great work keep it up . Especially your work on environment is simply superb . Nice achievement . Congrats .Thanks for mentioning us .

  4. aww!! happy second birthday dear blog :)

  5. congratulations da !!!
    keep on writing after going abroad also thats my wish and thanks for your credit on me


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