July 15, 2010

Rainy Days!

Hi Guys,
The weather has been pleasant here for the past few days. There was a heavy rain day before yesterday and a few drizzles before and after that. My mind started to travel back a few years. I’ve always enjoyed rain. My parents used to be so worried about my health and will be warning me to stay away from rain. But I have enjoyed a few circumstances when I have inadvertently drenched myself in rain. So I’ll be writing about those sweet memories in this post.
August 2003
I was studying 8th standard then. It was late august and we were having maths special class (it’s terrible to think that we had special classes even in our 8th standard). After the school, I was coming back to home along with my friend in cycle and it started to rain heavily. There was no cover nearby and hence we had no option but to continue riding. I was soaked completely when I was in home. That was the first time I was drenched in rain and hence I was very scared that I would get fever and the mental thought combined with my parent’s scolding created fever. I became so terrified of rain after this event.
July 2004
Nature had its own plans to take off my fear. This time the event occurred in Guruvayur, Kerala. I was there with my friends and it was a school tour. It was a ten minute walk from the temple to the place where the bus was parked. After visiting the temple I was returning to the bus along with a few of my friends. It started raining all of a sudden. There was no shelter nearby and hence we had to keep moving. This time I had no fear, as I knew my parents weren’t there to admonish me. The only fear I had was the fear of illness and soon I understood that I got fever the first time just because of my mental fear. So, I started to love rain. Though, the journey became damped because of the monsoon rains.
October 2007
A few years passed and I had no fears of rain, but I avoided getting into rain deliberately as it made the dresses waterlogged. It was October, the rainy season in Tamil Nadu (all of India gets rain in June-July by Southwest monsoon, whereas Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh receive rain in October-November by Northeast monsoon).
My brother had come home for one of his weekend holidays. It was a fortnight before Diwali and my mother was insisting him to get new dresses. So he started to the store one afternoon and as I was having a boring time in home, I accompanied him. It was sunny when we started, but as we were shopping it started to rain heavily. We finished the shopping and were waiting for the rain to abate. From inside the shop it seemed that the rain had stopped completely and so we stepped out. But it was still drizzling heavily.
My brother was too concerned about me and asked me to use the shopping bag as a protective cover over my head. He was also using one and I was too lazy to carry it and just kept it brushing my hair. The bag was black in color with some designs. When we were in the bus, I found that the bag was bleached at one particular spot (where it was brushing my hair). I was saying to my brother that the oil in my hair would have reacted with the bag and my brother said that I was thinking idiotically. Soon we found that the bag’s composition was of very poor quality. The color was sticking to our hands and dresses. I won’t forget this incident because of those sticking colors. The black color is still present in the shirt that I was wearing that day.
September 2009
I was in my second year classes and we were conducting a technical symposium in our college and I was the head of the technical committee. I was having very busy time between September 15 and September 25 as I had to download the papers and reply to the sender’s questions (I thought it was an easy job, but I realized the difficulty as I was receiving hundreds of mails). It was one of those days when it started raining massively when I was travelling in bus. I got down at the bus stop at 5.15 pm and went into a nearby shop 10 feet away for shelter, but within that time I was drenched completely. I was waiting for rain to subside, but it was 6.15 pm when the rain reduced to drizzling. Then I went to my home in the drizzling. I was soaking wet when I reached home. It was good that I reached home as early as possible, as I had more than 75 mails to be read on that particular day.
June 2010
This incident happened just a month ago. I was in Chennai for my brother’s engagement. It was June 6, the day before his engagement. My parents went to purchase things. Meanwhile I and my cousin brother were asked to get a reference note from one of my relative’s house. We started by 10 am from his home. When we started the climate was unstable and we didn’t car to take an umbrella. We got into a share auto and it started to rain heavily in 2 minutes. The journey itself was nasty as the crossing vehicles splashed water on us (particularly on my cousin brother who was sitting at the right corner).
We got down at a signal where we had to change directions. It took less than a minute to cross the road but we were already soaked to the skin. We got into another share auto and when we got down at the bus stop, we waited for the rain to end. It was 15 minutes before the rain subsided to drizzling. We were impatient and so we started to walk in the drizzling. We reached my relative’s home in five minutes and by the time we reached there the drizzling had stopped. Again nothing happened to both of us this time.
These are all the things I remember. All of them have been wonderful when thinking back. Rain is one beautiful thing that gives lot of freshness and energy to the soil and nature. I have also received some of the energy. Why don’t you try it out?
Happy Reading!!!


  1. Amazing that u still remember all those things, good to reflect it back!!!

  2. @Narayanan

    How can i forget those wonderful memories dear brother!!!

  3. Who does'nt love rains!!
    Rains.. that wash away all your worries and leaves you refreshed!!
    Beautiful pics and wonderful memories to go with them :)

  4. @Arti

    Thanks for ur comments!!!

  5. I love rainy season too as it comes after scorching summer season.
    Its so amazing when it rains with thunder, but i don't like to be wet so enjoy rains from a distant.

  6. @Abhishek

    i hate very heavy rains with thunder as it results in a powercut... I also don't go outside deliberately in rain... in all the incidents i was drenched in rain unintenionally...


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