August 28, 2011

Be Positive!

Hi Guys,

It feels so good to write a post after quite a long time. I am going to write about ‘How small things create a big impact?’ This topic is related with two of my earlier posts – Lets have a positive thought and The Butterfly Effect.

Last Thursday morning was a tired one for me. I woke up at 6 am and I was feeling too drowsy. The continuous stretch of late night sleeps was taking its toll. Apart from that, I was also having a different feeling. I didn’t eat properly the previous night and it was creating some trouble. So I started to get ready.

I opened my mail inbox. My brother had replied to the mail I sent him the previous day. The mail was full of positives. It boosted my activities. He had advised me to continue with my positive momentum. So, I was beginning to experience some change.

Then, I went to my college and as I started to walk, I saw two little kids, One 5 year old girl and her little sister. They were so cute and were coddling each other. Their face was innocent and they were not worrying about anything surrounding them. They were so happy, the kind of happiness only children can have.

Observing them for 10 seconds, my whole mood changed. I even forgot that I was not feeling well. Two small things created a big impact in my mind and the whole day was just awesome. I learned a lot of new things.

Just small things create big impact. Butterfly effect, also called as Chaos Theory states the same – The flutter of a butterfly wings can cause a typhoon at some place half the way around the world after a 1000 years. This has been observed to be true in all the things.

So, starting out with a positive attitude will impact us to do good things and they will make the upcoming things successful.

Positive Thought: Whenever you destroy a Spider's web, it doesn't fall down and die. It again moves to a new location and start building its next web!
So, each morning find something positive. The day may be a very bad one, but certainly there must be some positives, something that you like the most. For instance, observing squirrels makes my mind peaceful. Similarly, photography makes my mind to concentrate, Reading newspapers also do the same. These are things that can change any bad day for me into a beautiful one.

Certainly everyone has something close to your heart. Involve yourself in that thing. If something bad occurs, don’t worry. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Certainly something good will happen.

Life is Beautiful!

August 23, 2011

Past is no Good!

Hi Guys,

It is so interesting to note that how people forget the past so easily. This is the worst series India has played in the last 10 years. There are numerous reasons behind that. One main reason people say is that Dhoni failed as captain. A few months back, when India won the world cup people were saying, 'Dhoni is the best ever captain India has got'.

Over the past 4 years he has developed our team to a very good extent and all his good work is now forgotten. Maybe if India wins the ODI series people may say Dhoni never gives in.

Winning continuously is impossible. Even when England won the Ashes in 2005 and boasted themselves, they lost pitifully 0-5 to Australia in 2007. When Australia won 15 matches continuously, they lost the series to India in 2001. When England comes to India next year, the result maybe completely opposite.

This is also an important lesson in life. No matter, how long you keep winning, you will be criticized when you fail. And when you fail, all the victories you achieved will be forgotten. We should not be frightened by the criticism.

Finally, I read these beautiful lines in Facebook today. Thanks to Vijay Dinesh who posted it.

A Person should not be too honest and straight forward.
Straight trees are cut first and straight forward people are screwed first.
- Chanakya

Happy Reading!!!

August 15, 2011

Remembering Independence!

Hi Guys,

Wish you all a very Happy Independence Day!!! 64 years back, on this day India became an Independent country. We were given the rights of deciding our own things.

Last year, August 15 was a Sunday. So, many people were sad that they didn’t get a holiday. This time, August 15 is on Monday. Most people are very happy that they have got 3 days gap from their usual routine. Initially, that was my thought too. Later, I regretted my thoughts. This is a day we need to think about our country’s past and future.

How many of you attended a flag hoisting ceremony today morning. Most people think it is an idiotic ritual. Some other people attend the function, just to get the sweets distributed after the ceremony. Worse, lots of our people feel ashamed to sing our national anthem. I have witnessed this in many functions. I at least feel proud in this aspect. I have always sung our national anthem and I always feel proud when it is sung.

One of the main issues related with our country is corruption. In the past 2 years, there have been many huge corruptions including 2G, CWG, Aadarsh homes, etc. The money involved is too big and nobody cares about it. Even if people ask questions, government thinks people can do nothing against them. People who raise questions are just crushed.

So, where does all this corruption begin from? I think our former president Dr. Abdul Kalam gave the answer. It starts right from our home. He said if you know your father gets or gives bribe stop him. What is happening is completely opposite. Parents encourage children to do wrong things. They have no shame. It is quite obvious from the activities and speech of some of my classmates. On the good side, some of my friends are really good and they want to be honest.

People blame government when they know of corruption. But, when it comes to them they are ready to be corrupted. By the starting of this year, I went to Passport office to apply for my passport. The officers were really great. They were working perfectly. They accepted the forms only if the proofs were correct. Our faithful and honest citizens expect the opposite. I needed to stay in queue for 2 hours and people were speaking ‘Applying passport is a big trouble here. Officers are strict. People residing at some XXX and YYY places are lucky. They can easily apply passport through some intermediate persons’. What the hell is this? If you don’t have the right documents, then you have no rights to get the passport. Why are you blaming the officials?

There are a few good people too. They want their country to improve. They want their people to be good. They want their country to be perfect. The good thing is the number of people is increasing these days. This is a very good sign.

Let people work for the development of their country. If country improves, then the standard of people will automatically improve. Let’s pray the good things continue to happen.

Again, wish you a Happy Independence day. Don’t misuse your independence.

Happy Reading!!!

August 12, 2011

2 and growing!!! Thank you again!

Hi Guys,

It has been two years since I started this blog. It is my blog's second birthday and I feel great at this moment. A Big Thanks to all the supporters.

I'm suffering from cold and its difficult to sit and write all the things. So, let me shorten some things.

Again I want to thank the 3 motivators ( you can find them at my 1st Birthday post).

Apart from that I want to thank all my blogging friends, who visit my blog frequently and help me a lot. You can visit their blog by clicking on their name.

To begin with, there is Arti, who doesn't miss even a single post of mine and gives comments. Then, there is Abhishek who was my first blogging friend. Don't know what happened to him as he doesn't blog these days.

There is Team G Square, two people brilliant in photography. There is Magic eye who is also a great photographer.

Apart from them there are enormous bloggers who leave comments quite often. Thanks to them too!

Two of my real friends inspired me started blogging. They are also great supporters of my blog. They are Vijay and Vimal.

I asked my friends to give opinions on my blog and it was quite a late request. Despite that one of my brother's friend, Nataraj Gandhi who is also an avid reader of my blog sent me a mail. This is what he sent.

It is always nice to see a person beginning a good hobby but more satisfying is when the hobby turns to a passion and the person continues it. It is really pleasing to see Karthick still continuing the good work he started two years back. kudos to him.

One of the reasons his blog interests me a lot is the variety of topics he manages to pen down his thoughts on. I particularly love his blogs on movies. Some of the movies he has talked about are real gems. Also the blog relating physics and health ( thermodynamics and dieting ) was really cool.

Well, i wish Karthick all the very best and hope he continues the good work!! All the best!

Thanks guys... Keep Supporting me!!!

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August 8, 2011

Close Up Shots -2!

Hi Guys,

Your amazing reception for my previous post Close Up Shots! inspired me to take more Close Up Shots. So, I took my camera out again and took some more shots. Here I present those pictures for you. Compare them with the previous ones.

Close Up View of a Cloth. The center bright spot is due to sun rays.
My iPod Earphones
Horse in a memento
Close Up view of Pens
Top View of the Pens


Happy Viewing!!!

August 7, 2011

Close Up Shots!

Hi Guys,

Climate is fantastic out there. As I woke up today morning, I found that it was drizzling outside and it was perfect for a Sunday. It has been long since I touched my camera and so I thought of trying some close up shots. The camera batteries were dead and it took them some time to resuscitate. Then, I tried some close up shots and here I present them to you.

Knots in a cloth lane
Close up view of a Screw
A Lamp Switch
Temperature Indicator in the Refrigerator
Map in today's morning newspaper
Key wounded with chain
Closely packed spring
Cycle Rim
A Lock
You can view the entire album at Close Up shots

Happy Viewing!!!