August 7, 2011

Close Up Shots!

Hi Guys,

Climate is fantastic out there. As I woke up today morning, I found that it was drizzling outside and it was perfect for a Sunday. It has been long since I touched my camera and so I thought of trying some close up shots. The camera batteries were dead and it took them some time to resuscitate. Then, I tried some close up shots and here I present them to you.

Knots in a cloth lane
Close up view of a Screw
A Lamp Switch
Temperature Indicator in the Refrigerator
Map in today's morning newspaper
Key wounded with chain
Closely packed spring
Cycle Rim
A Lock
You can view the entire album at Close Up shots

Happy Viewing!!!


  1. Beautiful shots Karthick. Like a true mechanical engineer, many images are mechanically related...
    Loved the screw, key and the map the most... But they are all nice...
    Touch your camera more often, the pics are pleasing to the eyes!!
    Have a fabulous Sunday:)

  2. @Arti

    thanks for the comments.... yeah, most of the things r related with mechanical engineering...
    yeah, i'll try to touch the camera more often...

  3. The lamp and the map! Best fact Map wins :D The angle ;)

  4. @chintan

    thanks for the comments... the folded newspaper helped....

  5. Really nice snaps, though I felt that the switch with "lamp" written on it was really not as good as the others.
    The map shot stood out because of its sheer clarity and perspective! :)

  6. @Aman Deshmukh

    thanks for the critics... yeah, the switch was a little too close.... so clarity was missing...

    i'm learning the tricks and so comments like this really help me... thanks again...


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