August 28, 2011

Be Positive!

Hi Guys,

It feels so good to write a post after quite a long time. I am going to write about ‘How small things create a big impact?’ This topic is related with two of my earlier posts – Lets have a positive thought and The Butterfly Effect.

Last Thursday morning was a tired one for me. I woke up at 6 am and I was feeling too drowsy. The continuous stretch of late night sleeps was taking its toll. Apart from that, I was also having a different feeling. I didn’t eat properly the previous night and it was creating some trouble. So I started to get ready.

I opened my mail inbox. My brother had replied to the mail I sent him the previous day. The mail was full of positives. It boosted my activities. He had advised me to continue with my positive momentum. So, I was beginning to experience some change.

Then, I went to my college and as I started to walk, I saw two little kids, One 5 year old girl and her little sister. They were so cute and were coddling each other. Their face was innocent and they were not worrying about anything surrounding them. They were so happy, the kind of happiness only children can have.

Observing them for 10 seconds, my whole mood changed. I even forgot that I was not feeling well. Two small things created a big impact in my mind and the whole day was just awesome. I learned a lot of new things.

Just small things create big impact. Butterfly effect, also called as Chaos Theory states the same – The flutter of a butterfly wings can cause a typhoon at some place half the way around the world after a 1000 years. This has been observed to be true in all the things.

So, starting out with a positive attitude will impact us to do good things and they will make the upcoming things successful.

Positive Thought: Whenever you destroy a Spider's web, it doesn't fall down and die. It again moves to a new location and start building its next web!
So, each morning find something positive. The day may be a very bad one, but certainly there must be some positives, something that you like the most. For instance, observing squirrels makes my mind peaceful. Similarly, photography makes my mind to concentrate, Reading newspapers also do the same. These are things that can change any bad day for me into a beautiful one.

Certainly everyone has something close to your heart. Involve yourself in that thing. If something bad occurs, don’t worry. Whatever happens, happens for a reason. Certainly something good will happen.

Life is Beautiful!


  1. Wonderful post Karthick, so inspiring...
    We all experience such days many times when we feel very low, but seeing little positive things changes everything... The rising sun, the blooming flowers, a smiling face, a kind word, etc can work wonders in such situations...
    Have a fabulous week :)

  2. Be positive attitude help to get rid of various problems .

  3. @Arti

    thanks for the comments... nature can relieve us any situation...

  4. @Team G Square

    thanks for the comments


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