May 30, 2013

Till the Last Breath - Durjoy Dutta - Book Review

Hi Guys,

It has been a long time. For once, I thought this May would be the first time I am going to miss my blog. But, May has always been a special month for me and I didn’t want to miss my blog. This is a book review of ‘Till the Last Breath’ by Durjoy Dutta.

I was searching for books to order and many of the online sites have turned expensive with no free shipping until the order is more than Rs. 500. Finally I found that Landmark was offering free delivery and good offers. I wanted to order the book ‘The Glass Palace’ by Amitav Ghosh. After ordering, I was somehow trapped into ordering this less expensive book (Till the Last Breath) as I thought it would be a good time.

I had already read ‘If it’s not forever, It’s not Love’ a book coauthored by him (My Reviewof that book). I got this book of 237 pages on Monday evening and by night I had finished the book to my own surprise (It has been a long time, but my reading speed remains quite intact!!)

Leaving all things apart let me come to the book. The book was surprisingly good (though I read good reviews online, I didn’t believe). It was much of a change compared to the previous book I read.

The book is all about two patients in a hospital room, two doctors trying to save them and the emotions between them.

There are four main characters in the book. Dushyant – a young guy who has wasted his life due to the habit of consuming innumerous amount of drugs. A guy whose organs are failing and is on the way to death. Pihu – a young first year medical student who has got a rare disease that will make her lose senses one by one on her way to death.

Arman – a young doctor who is considered to be a genius, but is hated by everyone for his stern character. He hates Dushyant and feels he doesn’t deserve to live. He falls for Pihu. Zarah – Arman’s junior doctor who is fighting her own demons. She hates every male, but somehow Dushyant attracts her.

It is a story of what a beautiful girl with positive vibes can do to others, even when she is on her death bed. It is a story of doctors falling in love with their patients and the emotions that takes a toll out of them.

It is a story that has been spun in a beautiful web which makes you stick throughout the story. With each of the chapter describing about different characters and the way life has turned them, it is an interesting tale. The last few chapters turn out to be emotional in nature and the readers get a sense of sadness.

It is an interesting book that you can read in a few hours of time and some people could be emotionally drained by the story.

Happy Reading!!!