August 27, 2010

Compilation of SMS

Hi Guys,

Of late, I received some wonderful messages in my phone and thought of sharing with you.

Most Stupid Questions people ask in different places and funny replies

1. At movies: hey, what r u doing here?
Ans: Don't u know? I sell tickets in black over here.
2. In Bus: A heavy lady wearing pointed high healed shoes steps on ur feet: sorry, did it hurt?
Ans: No, not at all. I'm a local anaesthesia. Why don't u try again?
2. When u get woken up at midnight by a phone call: Sorry! were u sleepin?
Ans: no! I was doin resarch on whether zulu tribes in africa marry or not?

Was it a car or a cat I saw
is the only sentence in English which can be read in both directions (from L to R and R to L).

Logical Reasoning

Only 2% of students attending CAT solve it (i don't beleive this)
(answer at end of post)

3 Nice Short Stories

1. Once, all villagers decided to pray for rain. On the day of prayer all people gathered and only one boy, came with umbrella. THATS FAITH.
2. Example of the feeling of a one year old baby. When u throw him in air, he lauhgs bcoz he knows u will catch him. THATS TRUST.
3. Every night we go to bed, we have no assurance to wake up alive the next morning but still we have plans for tomorrow. THATS HOPE.

Math Puzzle

A box containing Rs. 180 consists of Rs. 1, 50 paise and 25 paise coins in the propotion of 2:3:4. Whats is the number of 50 paise coins? (answer below)


 Logical Reasoning
The logic is that you have to multiply 1st two digists for 1st two digits of answer. Then multiply 1st and 3rd digit for 2nd set of two digits of answer. Then comes the critical part. You have to add 1st and 3rd digit and then multiply with the 2nd digit and then rverse it for the last two digits of answer.
Answer is 143542

Math Puzzle
I'm not sure whether the propotion means the amount or the number of coins. Either case the answer is that there are 120 fifty paise coins.

Happy Reading!!!

1. Thanks to all the people who sent the above messgaes.
2. I may be awrong about the answers as I solved myself and didn't check. If you find it wrong, give the correct answer with reason.

August 22, 2010

Things that crossed my way!

Hi Guys,

It has been a week since I wrote my last post. I was quite busy with different activities in my college. I have been sleeping by midnight for the past three days. Climate is pleasant here, but it is sad that there is no rain and the ground water levels are going deep.

This Semester so far
This semester has not been great so far. Classes have been boring and people give a lot of assignments to do and there is no free time. The only relaxation is that there are 4 practical papers and we spend 4 afternoons in lab every week. We have a paper known as Design of Machine Elements which cares about designing of all mechanical parts like gears, shafts, keys, couplings, etc. For this paper we have a data book known as PSG Data Book and we have to take it to class every day. It is a 600 page book and the worst thing is that it doesn’t contain formulae for a complete chapter.

Five Point Someone
I read Chetan Bhagat’s Five Point Someone last week. I had heard about this book before, but I didn’t know this book was about IIT and the movie 3 Idiots was based on this book. The book was simply fantastic. It will shatter everything you think about IIT. Chetan has written this book based on his real life experiences in IIT. The story is being portrayed by a character known as Hari (which must be the author himself). The story is about the life of Hari and his two friends Ryan and Alok. All of them are toppers in their school, but they are five pointers in IIT and they are a bunch of guys who completely hate IIT (after reading the book, you will also hate it). The movie ‘3 idiots’ has taken the theme from this book, but it is not the exact copy. Lot of things are included and excluded to make the movie cinematic.

Chetan Bhagat has been acknowledged as India’s biggest selling English novelist by The New York times. I became his fan and am reading his second novel ‘One night @ a Call Centre’. His other two novels are ‘3 mistakes in my life’ and ‘2 states’.

Memento –Actual Version of Ghajini
Some 10 days before, I watched the movie ‘Memento’. Someone recommended me this was a great movie directed by Christopher Nolan (director of Inception). The way in which he has portrayed the movie is brilliant. The movie is presented in two different sequels, one in Black & White and the other in color. The sequel in color travels backwards, whereas the one in BW travels in proper order. The two sequels merge at the climax. You can’t understand the movie you watch it the first time. The story is simple. The protagonist’s wife is killed and he is hit in his head. As a result he develops short term memory loss and with that defect he has to take revenge. Apart from the main plot, lot of details are told about the disease. It was a perfect movie and I would like to see Christopher Nolan’s other movies The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Batman begins, Insomnia and Following.

AR Murugadoss took Ghajini based on Memento’s theme. His brilliance was that he took Memento’s theme and developed a story of his own. The biggest rumor now is that AR Muragadoss’s next movie ‘Elavadhu Arivu’ (Tamil) is based on Inception and he has declined that.

Other Movies I watched
I watched ‘The A-Team’ day before yesterday and ‘Kick Ass’ yesterday. Both were good. A team was boring at the beginning, but the later parts were fantastic. If you are a lover of stunt sequences don’t miss this movie, particularly the climax scene. Kick Ass is a movie based on a teenager who wants to be a superhero. He dresses himself differently and names himself Kick Ass. He then finds another Superhero group and naturally a bad guys group and then they clash with each other. It was a movie full of comedies and actions.

My new Photo blog
I’m not a great photographer, but I do take photos and I just thought of starting a photo blog and posting a photo daily. It will take me less than 5 minutes to post a photo and thought it was a good idea. Just visit my blog and comment on my photos. My blog URL is

That’s it for now. See you soon.

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August 15, 2010

Remembering Independence!

Hi Guys,

Wish every one of you a very Happy Independence Day! Our Independence was not achieved easily. People fought for more than hundred years, a lot of people have sacrificed their lives all over the country. We must remember them and make sure we don’t misuse the independence.

This Independence Day is quite a sad one for many people, since it’s on Sunday. People would have been very happy if it fell on a weekday. People care for holidays. Only a handful of people remember about Independence and the freedom struggle. I won’t say I’m one among them. To be honest, I’ll fall in between both the categories.

Today morning, I remembered to wish my friends in Facebook and Twitter a happy independence day, but forgot to wish other people nearby. Even I forgot to wish my brother, when he called today morning. Just now remembered back and sent a message to my friends wishing them happy independence and requested them to use the independence in a proper way.

For some reason, Independence Day is not celebrated big in our country. There will be flag hoisting in most places and a handful of people will be there. If you wish to go, you will be laughed at and will be called as an idiot. What a good name for a patriotic person? But there are few people who attend the flag hoisting just for receiving sweets.

I used to attend all the flag hoisting ceremonies during my school days as it was compulsory. They used to be repetitive all the time. As we enter the school, we will be given an Indian flag and a pin to attach it to the shirt. Some Mr. X or Y will be invited as chief guest for hoisting the flag. The chief guest will host the flag and everyone will salute the flag. It will be followed by a patriotic song, sung terribly by a group of girls. Then there will be one or two skits and dances. Everything will try to be patriotic, but nothing will induce patriotism. Finally the chief guest will blabber something completely unrelated with Independence. It will be followed by National Anthem followed by the most awaited moment, sweet distribution.

Has our country developed really after Independence? My answer is yes. But how much it has developed is the question. Many people were really poor then. Today statistics says people are still poor, but the level of poverty matters. Comparing to the people 50 years before, today people are better in this issue. But the integrity has been on a great dip. Earlier when there was some issue people raised questions. But today people are so selfish that they don’t even care for their neighbour.

Are we proud of our country? I’m proud. But I don’t think many people are. They just keep complaining about issues. People never suggest solutions. They keep on blaming things and always refer to the western countries that were never colonized or achieved Independence 200 years ago. People never follow rules. They just say, ‘He doesn’t follow, so why should I follow?’

The best example is the preparation of upcoming Commonwealth Games in Delhi. They are next to Olympic Games in magnitude. India has got the right to host it this time. It was not an easy job and if it is conducted well, the chances of hosting Olympic Games in near future will be very bright. But the conditions now suggest that India will never get a chance to host Olympic Games. Government has allocated huge amount of money to build the infrastructure and officials are eating huge sum of money. I don’t know even if 50% of allocated money is used for the infrastructure.

Everything is behind schedule. Commonwealth committee is unhappy with preparation. Officials are blamed for misusing money. One by one many officials are resigning. Thanks to the media for unpacking all these things. I hope that the commonwealth games will go very well this October.

Let’s pray that at least in the future our officials consider our country’s development before their family’s development and work for the country. Again a very Happy Independence Day to every one of you!

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August 12, 2010

1 and Growing! Thank you all!

Hi Guys,

It is unbelievable! Today my blog turns 1!

365 days of blogging. It has been a very nice experience. Just can’t believe I have written for a year. I have written 61 posts and statistics says that I’ve had more than 1000 visitors.

Thank you all!!! You have supported me all along the way. Some people have made direct comments in my blog, some by mail and some haven’t commented, but are readers are my blog. Whoever, it maybe, I thank you for the support you have shown and the passion you have created inside me to write.

As I said lot of people are vivid readers of my blog, but I would specially like to thank three people who inspired me to begin a blog and have been behind me all the times. Without them, I don’t know how I would have survived in the blogging world.

It all started this way. Last year on August 6, we went on an Industrial Visit to Railway Workshop, Trichy. I wanted my brother to know about the details of the visit and hence sent him a mail, portraying incidences that occurred in the visit. Along with him, I sent the mail to two of my friends, or better to say brotherly friends. They created the zeal inside me to blog. Within a week (on Aug 12, 2009) I created my blog and posted the same mail as my first post.

Vijay Dinesh

A brotherly friend of mine. We were neighbours for a long time, before he went to Chennai and then forth to Singapore for his higher studies. He is currently working in Singapore. He was in Singapore when I sent the mail. This was a part of the mail he sent back,

‘spend time writing ur experiences.. may be blogging at times.. whenever u find time.. its a very good hobby and u will know that there cud b lot of fans for ur words..count me in as one of ur first fans for ur words..’

At the beginning I thought he was making fun of me and left the issue. Then he sent me link of one of his friend’s blog and asked me to go through it. He was busy with his college earlier and now he is hectic with his job. But all along, he read my blogs and kept commenting positively. He has guided me through a lot of things. A person with great knowledge and has a lot of positive attitude.
Vijay Dinesh in Singapore!
Thanks anna, for your guidance!!!

Nataraj Gandhi

A close friend of my brother. We became friends along the way and he is one of the avid readers of my blog. He is currently working in Colombia. He was in Colombia when I sent the mail. This was part of a reply he made,

‘It was a very good mail Karthick. It has captured the entire essence of your IV trip!!!

really nice. My suggestion is you can start blogging on the net with your experiences.’

This was the second mail in which I was asked to start a blog. So, I knew people really liked my writing. He read all my posts and sends me the comments as mail. One other thing I like about him is that he corrects the mistakes I do in my blog. His attitude use to amaze me. I think he can face any kind of situation in life. I want to have the same attitude as him.

Nataraj Gandhi in San Andreas!
Thanks anna, for your assistance!!!


My dear brother. He is currently working in USA. There are lot of wonderful things to say about him. But here, let me write about our relations surrounding the blog. When I was about to start my blog, he was in Uruguay and I told him that I’m going to start one. He enquired me what was a blog. I thought he will never be interested in my writings. But as time went on I was proved wrong. Initially he didn’t say a lot about my blog. Occasionally he used to say that my writing was good.

I wrote a post named Animal Week and he became really interested. He called me and spoke with me for nearly an hour pointing out all my mistakes. He told that was really different and encouraged me to write such things. From then on he has been one of my greatest supporters. He used to point my mistakes and help me rectify them. Blessed to have him as my brother.

I along with my brother! (a few years back)
Thanks for everything, dear brother!!!

Thanks to all of you

Apart from these 3 guys, there are lot of people who have been readers of my blog. Particularly thanks to all my classmates, other bloggers who write great things and comment on my blog too, other people who visit my blogs to collect information, etc

People use to amaze me by saying things like, ‘Hey Karthick, have been reading your blog. You are writing great stuffs’. Thanks to all you guys. You can suggest me different topics on which you expect me to blog.

Most popular topics in my blog

Keep supporting me!!!

Happy Reading!!!

August 6, 2010

Toad Photographs!

Hi Guys,

Toads are one of the creatures that visit my home regularly. I haven't seen a group of toads, but I've seen atleast one every night since my childhood days. For the past few days I've been thinking of taking Toad Photographs, but they are very shy creatures and will disappear quickly if I go near them.

Today evening I saw a toad standing in one corner. I was not interested as it would run away. I went outside an hour later and it was still there. I thought of taking photo and took my camera and went outside. I was careful not to create sound. I was some 5 feet away from the toad and took 2 photos with 4X zoom (maximum possible optical zoom in my camera). It started to jump when I moved a little. I was on the verge of jumping down and I took another three. I was taking the next one and it jumped away.

The first place where the toad stayed for very long time

Ready to jump!
After that I came to the other side. To my suprise there was another toad on the other side. It was a comparitively smaller one. It was in between two plants and I was able to capture it quite well. This toad cooperated well with me.

The other one!
Another black and white!
A close up view. Wonderful, isn't it?
It took 20 minutes for me to take the photographs. Particularly after losing the first toad, I was very careful with the second one. I was nearly kneeling down for 10 minutes. My legs were paining at the end, but my mind was very happy. Just thought about the nature photographers. How difficult it would be for them to capture the wildlife? Hats off to them.

Happy Viewing!!!

August 4, 2010

Black and White!

Hi Guys,

I experiemented the Black and White mode in my camera. Check out!

My notebook pile!
Paste tube (unclear at ISO 800)
Same paste tube (clear at ISO 80)
Lamp (unclear at ISO 400)
Lamp (clear at ISO 80)
Things bright at ISO 800
Same things less visible at ISO 80
Same things perfect at ISO 200
ISO 200
ISO 800
ISO 80
ISO 80, too dark
ISO 800, clear and visible
ISO 200
ISO 80, dark
ISO 800, visible
ISO 800, less clarity with more brightness
ISO 80, more clarity
Thats it guys.

Happy Viewing!!!

August 3, 2010

The Butterfly Effect

Hi Guys,

Sometimes we say or hear others saying ‘A small mistake you commit can create blunders later’. This can be a simple definition for Butterfly Effect. Something that has been done is some part of time leads to incidents in some other part of time. The way the theory has developed in fantastic.

Butterfly Effect is the initial condition of Chaos Theory, which itself implies the same meaning. It evolved in the 1960s, when Edward Lorenz of MIT, Cambridge observed that weather prediction can go wrong if a very small value is neglected. Scientists neglected the numbers after 3 decimal places. The prediction went wrong, but it was right when they observed number of 6 decimal places.

Lorenz said, ‘It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon half the way around the world’. In my perception, Butterfly effect applies to all notes of our life. Everything we do, right from the time we wake up to the time we sleep impact the next day’s work or even our future.

Confused why I’m writing all these things? There has been lot of movies based on the Butterfly Effect or Chaos Theory. Even the Tamil movie Dhasavatharam was based on this theory. Hope you remember Kamal saying about Chaos Theory with the help of a butterfly at the beginning of the movie.

Last week I watched a wonderful movie named ‘The Butterfly effect’. I was largely impressed by the movie. It’s an American Psychological Thriller movie released in 2004.

Movie Review

Evan Treborn lives with his mother in a small town. At his young age (7 and 13), few sad incidents occur. It is believed that he caused the incidents, but Evan doesn’t remember anything that happens at that particular moment. He gets blackened for a few minutes and within that time, the terrible incidents occur. His mother and friends don’t believe him and says he is trying to escape. His mother takes him to a psychiatrist. The doctor tells the boy to take notes of the incidents happening to him.

At 20, when Evan is in college he gets to read the notes which he had written as per doctor’s instruction. He is taken back to the past. He remembers the incidents and he is able to redo things. When he changes the original incidents, he finds himself in the present at a new place. But the incidents he redo, lead to some other unexpected problems. Finally he goes back to the very beginning and makes his friends forget him. He deletes his notes so that he is not tempted to redo things again.

All along the way, Evan appears in different roles like a prisoner, amputee, etc. The incidents changes very quickly in the later part of the movie. At one moment Evan will be in college and in another 5 minutes he will be in some other place and so on. I was confused the first time I watched the movie. But I understood it when I read reviews and critics in websites. Overall it was a wonderful movie.

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