February 21, 2011

Lets have a positive thought!

Hi Guys,

So, do you like the new look of my blog? I thought of making the blog look more simple and elegant. Also, I wanted to emphasize my readers to ‘Go Green’ and fight against Global Warming, hence I included the picture on the right.

As I woke up this morning an interesting thought came across my mind. This was much in resemblance with the thought that was disturbing my mind last week. The similitude is that they are about negative thoughts.

Changing Seasons
Last week the sun’s intensity started increasing. It was a very quick transition from winter to summer. All the dew and cold were rapidly replaced by sweat and thirst. This created the question in me, ‘When will the summer pass?’ Suddenly another reflection came to me. What will people think in different seasons?

Summer – Ah, it’s too hot! Days are scorching hot. When will the intensity decrease?
Winter – It’s damn cold and the climate is too bad. We can’t even get out in the early hours.
Rain – The roads are swampy and dresses get spoiled. When will the rain subside?

Plus in the preceding days, you can hear people saying that the climate is bad even before the beginning of the season and the actual season might be even worse.

Similarly after the season, you can hear people saying that the climate is still bad.

All these thoughts reflect on the negative side. Look at the positives. Tolerating swampy roads is much easier than tolerating drought. We are living comfortably in a tropical region. Equatorial and polar regions are much worse. We start to wait for the next season when one season starts. Rather than that we can accept the changes and work in accordance with those.

Waiting for weekend
Today being the first day of the week, I woke up with the usual thought of ‘When will Sunday come?’ As the week starts, we get a feeling when the next weekend will come and towards the weekend we assume we are tired of the works we did that week and wait the weekend. Again the same cycle starts.

Today I thought why don’t we accept the things and act accordingly. Instead of thinking of the next weekend, why don’t we start thinking about the things we are going to do this week? It will make us to work towards a target and it will boost our cheerfulness. It worked brilliantly today. Had full of energy in the morning and the day was great, unlike the usual Mondays. I look forward to things I’m going to learn this week and after all the things I’m going to use the weekend to refresh myself.

So, positive thoughts mean a positive frame of mind and it gives an incredible feeling. They even make a bad day appear as a good one. A negative thought destroys the feeling and makes even the wonderful days, gloomier ones.

Happy Reading!!!

P.S: A different try. Don’t know if all will like it, but please do post your true comments and it will help me to write better. What I’ve written are just the widespread thoughts and they don’t mean anyone in particular.

February 16, 2011

Awesome Alfred Hitchcock Movies - Part 2

Hi Guys,

This post is a sequel of Awesome Alfred Hitchcock movies. Readers who missed the first part can read it by using the link above. In this post, I’m going to write about two Alfred Hitchcock movies I watched recently. Both movies are based on murder plans and are nearly flawless in their making.

Dial M for Murder (1954)
Starring Ray Milland and Grace Kelly, this movie keeps the viewers engaged till the very end. Ray Milland is an ex tennis pro based at London and he comes to know of his wife’s (Grace Kelly) secret relationship with Robert Cummings, an American crime fiction writer. So, he plans to murder his wife. Milland hires Anthony Dawson, who was his senior in Cambridge and also a petty criminal. Blackmailing Dawson, Milland makes Dawson agree to do the murder.

Grace Kelly with the phone
The plan is as follows: Milland will go with Cummings for a party and by 11 pm he will call to his home. Meanwhile, Dawson must come to the spot, by using a key hidden below the stairs and must hide behind the curtains close by the phone. When Grace Kelly picks the phone, she must be strangled to death (see the picture in the right). Everything goes by the plan till the phone call. But then the hunter becomes the hunted. Watch the movie to know the second part.

Each and every sentence in the movie will play a part. If you miss a sentence, you may lose the plot. Ray Milland’s acting is mind blowing. Particularly the scene in which Cummings tells him a fictional story, which happens to be the real plan, Milland’s expressions will be fantastic. The detective’s role will also be good.

One of the best suspense thrillers of all time. A thoroughly enthralling movie.

Strangers on a Train (1951)
This black and white psychological thriller also focuses on a perfect murder plan. This movie deals with two strangers meeting in train and one of the stranger’s plans to murder their hatred ones.

The Strangers
Farley Granger is a tennis star and he wants to divorce his wife Laura Elliot, to marry his lover Ruth Roman. During a train journey he meets a stranger Robert Walker, who completely hates his father. So Robert tells Farley a plan. He will murder Farley’s wife and in return Farley must murder his father. So they will murder as strangers and flee. Farley is uninterested and he doesn’t care until Robert really murders his wife and starts to blackmail him. Does Farley agree to the plan or do the police get him for the murder of his wife? Watch the movie to know the rest.

The story revolves around the mental emotions of Farley and the confusions lying around him to make decisions. As with any other Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, this movie has a long section in the tennis court. The climax seems to be a little blunt. Soundtrack is a biggest plus of the movie.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

Happy Reading!!!

February 10, 2011

A Try to catch the spider!

Hi Guys,

When I went to the terrace of my home today evening, I was stunned. There was a marvelous spider web with a gigantic spider in the middle. The web spanned across 50 cm approximately. The spider had constructed it in between one of the cloth lanes and a tree. I rushed back and took my camera and tried to take some pictures of the spider. The light was dim. After the first shot I realized it was difficult to take the creature and more difficult to catch the web. After some tries, I took some decent photos (or I think so) and here I present them to you.

A whole view, as it was!
A closeup view, from the other side
A take in Black and White! Black and white photos showed the web clearly, but the spider was not very clear
I liked this photo much more than the others 
The flash on the web created a pattern around the spider.
A higher ISO and a little editing made the photolike a cartoon picture
Please comment your opinions on the photos.

Happy Viewing!!!

February 6, 2011

Things that crossed my way!

Hi Guys,

Seconds turn into minutes, minutes into hours and hours into days. This transformation happens so quickly. It was as if 2011 bloomed yesterday and one month has gone so fast. We get a lot of experiences as time passes and it is important that we need to learn lessons from our experiences. I would be sharing some experiences of mine.

Nature’s Beauty
This happened 10 days back. My parents were not in home. I was alone and it was Tuesday. I woke up late and as a result I started to college late. I was wearing my shoes when I noted that a pair of eyes was looking at me from one corner of the room. The first thought that came to me was a frog, as frogs are in abundant around my home. On a second look, I knew it was not a frog, because the size of the creature was too small and they eyes were much bigger than a frog’s.

The eyes resembled the eyes of a monster. I was confused and slowly fear was penetrating me. When I went to take a close look, I was relieved. The creature was nothing but a butterfly. It was dark brown in color. It had symmetric designs in its wings. The designs were black in color and they resembled many things when looked closely, but from a distance it was a monster’s eye. A closer look showed that it was much like a coiled ribbon or a cartoon moustache. It was already getting late, so I decided to leave it there.

To my surprise, it was there when I came in the evening too. I thought of snapping it this time, but there was no power in my Camera’s batteries and hence I had to leave it yet again. I have heard of natures’ defence mechanisms, but this is the first time I have seen them really. For an animal looking from a distance it will create the look of a big animal and so the butterfly will survive. Amazing!!!

Hacking at its best
I’m feeling so embarrassed to say this information to you. I behaved so childishly to give away my email ID’s password. It was two days back. I was just viewing my friend’s updates in Facebook. It was then that one of my close friends had made an update. The update was about an application which promised to increase the browser’s speed. The comments were amazing and all the comments were made by my friends. So I believed it and I made the first mistake. A 19 year old boy should have known not to believe it. It took me to the login page of Gmail. There I made the second mistake. I entered my mail ID and password. It took me to the Inbox, but nothing else happened. I was not able to understand. I just logged out.

The next day I went to college as usual. The friend, who had the update, shocked me by saying my password. I was just shocked. It was then that he told by using an application you will be able to steal the passwords. It is an application in Facebook (???). The passwords of your friends (whoever logs in through the app) will be saved in his account. All the friends who gave the comments were people like me who lost their password and started using the app.

Imagine what will happen, if you are a friend of an unknown person and they steal your password. You will end in trouble. Be careful!!!

The Diesel Story (1952)
A few days back, I watched a good 20 minute video about the birth of diesel engines. Released in 1952, it traces back the history of how the engine was developed. It was also shocking to know that the efficiency of a steam engine is just 6%. All the energy sources then had less than 15% efficiency. So it was a breakthrough to find an engine that had 27% efficiency.

That’s it for now.

Happy Reading!!!