February 21, 2011

Lets have a positive thought!

Hi Guys,

So, do you like the new look of my blog? I thought of making the blog look more simple and elegant. Also, I wanted to emphasize my readers to ‘Go Green’ and fight against Global Warming, hence I included the picture on the right.

As I woke up this morning an interesting thought came across my mind. This was much in resemblance with the thought that was disturbing my mind last week. The similitude is that they are about negative thoughts.

Changing Seasons
Last week the sun’s intensity started increasing. It was a very quick transition from winter to summer. All the dew and cold were rapidly replaced by sweat and thirst. This created the question in me, ‘When will the summer pass?’ Suddenly another reflection came to me. What will people think in different seasons?

Summer – Ah, it’s too hot! Days are scorching hot. When will the intensity decrease?
Winter – It’s damn cold and the climate is too bad. We can’t even get out in the early hours.
Rain – The roads are swampy and dresses get spoiled. When will the rain subside?

Plus in the preceding days, you can hear people saying that the climate is bad even before the beginning of the season and the actual season might be even worse.

Similarly after the season, you can hear people saying that the climate is still bad.

All these thoughts reflect on the negative side. Look at the positives. Tolerating swampy roads is much easier than tolerating drought. We are living comfortably in a tropical region. Equatorial and polar regions are much worse. We start to wait for the next season when one season starts. Rather than that we can accept the changes and work in accordance with those.

Waiting for weekend
Today being the first day of the week, I woke up with the usual thought of ‘When will Sunday come?’ As the week starts, we get a feeling when the next weekend will come and towards the weekend we assume we are tired of the works we did that week and wait the weekend. Again the same cycle starts.

Today I thought why don’t we accept the things and act accordingly. Instead of thinking of the next weekend, why don’t we start thinking about the things we are going to do this week? It will make us to work towards a target and it will boost our cheerfulness. It worked brilliantly today. Had full of energy in the morning and the day was great, unlike the usual Mondays. I look forward to things I’m going to learn this week and after all the things I’m going to use the weekend to refresh myself.

So, positive thoughts mean a positive frame of mind and it gives an incredible feeling. They even make a bad day appear as a good one. A negative thought destroys the feeling and makes even the wonderful days, gloomier ones.

Happy Reading!!!

P.S: A different try. Don’t know if all will like it, but please do post your true comments and it will help me to write better. What I’ve written are just the widespread thoughts and they don’t mean anyone in particular.


  1. I loved the new look.
    Yes we must remain positive, on the positive side we are very lucky to have all the seasons in our Country.
    Your post inspires me to remain positive and do our best at present instant.

  2. The new look is refreshing... Loved that you are worried about the global warming, thats a very noble cause... And Yes, seasons do affect the thoughts of the people... You have given a good account!

  3. @Abhishek

    thanks man... good to see u after a long time... true... we are lucky to have all seasons...

  4. @Arti

    thanks for the comments... am thinking of posting a tip or fact at the starting of all posts abt global warming...


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