February 10, 2011

A Try to catch the spider!

Hi Guys,

When I went to the terrace of my home today evening, I was stunned. There was a marvelous spider web with a gigantic spider in the middle. The web spanned across 50 cm approximately. The spider had constructed it in between one of the cloth lanes and a tree. I rushed back and took my camera and tried to take some pictures of the spider. The light was dim. After the first shot I realized it was difficult to take the creature and more difficult to catch the web. After some tries, I took some decent photos (or I think so) and here I present them to you.

A whole view, as it was!
A closeup view, from the other side
A take in Black and White! Black and white photos showed the web clearly, but the spider was not very clear
I liked this photo much more than the others 
The flash on the web created a pattern around the spider.
A higher ISO and a little editing made the photolike a cartoon picture
Please comment your opinions on the photos.

Happy Viewing!!!


  1. @Victor

    Thanks... no its just nature photography... i think spiders r not wild creatures...

  2. Wow! You are a too good photographer, Karthick. I could learn a few tricks from you. I am actually amazed how each photo shot provides a unique viewing experience inspite of it representating the same thing!
    The second last shot takes the cake for me!
    Nature indeed provides us with some wonderful moments:-)

  3. Nice pics... Loved them all and you are right they aren't wild creatures...

  4. @Arti

    thanks for the comments...




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