February 16, 2011

Awesome Alfred Hitchcock Movies - Part 2

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This post is a sequel of Awesome Alfred Hitchcock movies. Readers who missed the first part can read it by using the link above. In this post, I’m going to write about two Alfred Hitchcock movies I watched recently. Both movies are based on murder plans and are nearly flawless in their making.

Dial M for Murder (1954)
Starring Ray Milland and Grace Kelly, this movie keeps the viewers engaged till the very end. Ray Milland is an ex tennis pro based at London and he comes to know of his wife’s (Grace Kelly) secret relationship with Robert Cummings, an American crime fiction writer. So, he plans to murder his wife. Milland hires Anthony Dawson, who was his senior in Cambridge and also a petty criminal. Blackmailing Dawson, Milland makes Dawson agree to do the murder.

Grace Kelly with the phone
The plan is as follows: Milland will go with Cummings for a party and by 11 pm he will call to his home. Meanwhile, Dawson must come to the spot, by using a key hidden below the stairs and must hide behind the curtains close by the phone. When Grace Kelly picks the phone, she must be strangled to death (see the picture in the right). Everything goes by the plan till the phone call. But then the hunter becomes the hunted. Watch the movie to know the second part.

Each and every sentence in the movie will play a part. If you miss a sentence, you may lose the plot. Ray Milland’s acting is mind blowing. Particularly the scene in which Cummings tells him a fictional story, which happens to be the real plan, Milland’s expressions will be fantastic. The detective’s role will also be good.

One of the best suspense thrillers of all time. A thoroughly enthralling movie.

Strangers on a Train (1951)
This black and white psychological thriller also focuses on a perfect murder plan. This movie deals with two strangers meeting in train and one of the stranger’s plans to murder their hatred ones.

The Strangers
Farley Granger is a tennis star and he wants to divorce his wife Laura Elliot, to marry his lover Ruth Roman. During a train journey he meets a stranger Robert Walker, who completely hates his father. So Robert tells Farley a plan. He will murder Farley’s wife and in return Farley must murder his father. So they will murder as strangers and flee. Farley is uninterested and he doesn’t care until Robert really murders his wife and starts to blackmail him. Does Farley agree to the plan or do the police get him for the murder of his wife? Watch the movie to know the rest.

The story revolves around the mental emotions of Farley and the confusions lying around him to make decisions. As with any other Alfred Hitchcock’s movie, this movie has a long section in the tennis court. The climax seems to be a little blunt. Soundtrack is a biggest plus of the movie.

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  1. He was a genius for sure... Though I have not watched any of these but certainly heard of the strangers on the train!!
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