April 30, 2010

Effect of Summer in my Garden!

Hi Guys,

I took some photographs in my Garden. It was pathetic to see many of the plants. Most of the plants had completely dried due to the scorching Sun. Here I present some of the photos, that I took.

Dust Laden Leaves!

Ant Burrow in the base of a Coconut Tree!

Half Eaten Coconut. Must have been left by a Crow or Squirrel.
Some Insect Burrow! It must have done it to escape the heat!
Dried Aloe Vera! It is the 1st time I have seen this plant dry up

Trees that couldn't stand the heat!
A small plant that has survived the heat!
Cracks due to lack of water!

Dusty Leaves of Sapotta tree, expecting a little blessing from the Rain Gods!
A close up view of the Ant burrows!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Happy Viewing!!!

April 24, 2010

Horrible Power cuts!!!

Hi Guys,
Do you know which is the most romantic state in India?
(Answer at the end of this post)
It’s very hot here with the mercury constantly touching 40 degree Celsius. To make life difficult there is a regular 3 hour power cut from 9am to 12 pm and many irregular power cuts. Particularly there is a 5 minute power cut from 10.55 pm to 11 pm. I don’t know what this 5 minutes power cut will serve for TNEB, other than people’s curse for disturbing their sleep. Other than this once in two weeks or so, there will be a power cut from 9am to 6pm for 9 hours.
In the recent days, I read some articles about these power cuts and I analyzed the reasons for the power cut. The main reason said is that the production of electricity is very less, when compared to the demand. This may be a reason but there are more reasons. I’ll be writing my views below.
Wastage of Electricity
In the recent days, when I went out during night time, I noticed these bizarre things along the road side. There was an advertisement hoarding kept by a hospital. It advised motor cyclists to wear helmets.....

April 13, 2010

A little information about phones!

Hi Guys,

Hope you all are fine in spite of a hot summer with long power cuts! Horrifying to think about the days that are going to come, when Earth nears Sun in May!

It’s been long since I wrote my last post. I’m quite busy as I am nearing the end of my fourth semester. I get only a scarce time and then too, I’ll be busy watching IPL matches. Speaking about IPL, this edition is more interesting than the previous editions. Except Mumbai, all other teams have had their share of sweet and bitter times. Now nearly all the teams have to win their remaining matches to get into the semifinals. Let’s see who conquers who?

I had a good last week in general. I got a new phone. Actually dad’s phone was not functioning properly and he was having a terrible time with it. So he asked for my phone so that I can get a newer one.

Nokia 2626- My old phone
First, let me tell about my old phone. I had Nokia 2626 and I was using it for past 10 months. It was a very nice experience using that phone. The main advantage of using that phone was its standby time. Its battery was so good that the charge lasted for a week. Also it had large message storing space (nearly 1000 messages, though I used to store less than 100). The main trouble I had with the phone was the volume, particularly Ringtone volume. I won’t be able to hear a call even if I was in the next room. The internal memory was just 2 MB and so it used to take some time for loading. Except that, it was quite a good phone.

The new one I have got is Nokia 2690. It’s a new model and was released by Nokia this March. The phone is better than another model 2626 considering the features. But I would say both the phones are worth its cost. I bought the earlier one for Rs.2000 and this one for Rs.2800. Speaking about the phone it consists of a basic VGA camera, music player, FM radio, memory slot and Bluetooth.

Nokia 2690- My new phone
I have used this phone for nearly a week and so good so far. But, I’ve hard time adapting to this phone. In my older phone to change the earpiece volume I have to press the left/right navigation keys. But in this phone I have to use up/down navigation keys. It was difficult to find it. In my earlier phone when replying to a message, I’ve to initially select the type of message. But in this phone, the message screen just appears (a step less). Initially I sent a few blank messages and realized my carelessness. The charge is not as good as 2626, but I expected it. It’s as good as any other Nokia phone.

Speaking about the features, the music player is good. Headset volume is fair (I rarely use headset) and speaker volume is very good. The sound clarity is also good. To be true, I didn’t expect a very good music player and I’m very happy since I love music.  Camera’s quality is not that good, but that was expected since it’s a basic model. I didn’t choose the phone for the camera; I chose it for the music player and am happy that it’s good. Display is very good, a larger 1.8” display and clarity is good too. Phone’s overall look is also good.

So, I’m totally impressed with this phone. I’ll give you some information about how I searched for the phone.

Samsung E2130
  • Initially I fixed the price of the phone and went to some leading shops that sell mobile phones. What you must understand is there are 100s of models and you can’t expect the salesman to know all the models. So going to 3 or 4 shops will give you a wide idea (I got idea about 4 phones only after visiting 5 shops)
  • Next I searched for all the phones that I heard in the shops in the net. I browsed the respective company’s website and also other common forums to know user’s reviews. In this process I came to know about some more phones.
  • At last I went to the shops again and made a final enquiry about the price and availability (all the phones are not available in all the shops). The interesting thing is I came to know about Nokia 2690 in this process only.
  • Other than 2690, I was also looking for Samsung E2130 and E2120. They are also good phones in this range. Particularly E2130 has dual speakers which mean great sound.
  • Some general info about different phones: Samsung phones have good camera quality than other phones. They have more number of models than any other brand. When I searched in net, I found that LG phones were causing a lot of trouble to the users. Nokia remains the most preferred brand because of its quality and user-friendliness.  Nokia ‘5310 Xpress Music’ is the most popular phone in the market currently (it would be costing around Rs. 5000).
Coming back to the academic side, we will be writing the exams very soon. Later this week, I’ve my model exams followed by Practical exams, study holidays and semester exams which will end by the last of May. So, it’s important for me to concentrate and get good marks. Anyway I will be in touch with you guys now and then.

Happy reading!!!

April 1, 2010

Fever Spoiling Holiday mood!

Hi Guys,

This week was going on well for me until yesterday.  Out of the blue I got heavy cold and fever.

Frustrating Fever
I’m so fond of grapes, particularly green grapes. But grapes are not so fond of me. Day before yesterday, when I returned from college, I found that mom had bought some 200g of grapes. It was such a long time, since I had eaten green grapes. Being one of my favorite fruit, I ate all the grapes then itself. I forgot the fact that I’ll be in trouble when I eat that much grapes.

The effect was sudden. That night itself, I started sneezing and it increased with time. Yesterday it was heavy and I was spending a very hard time in college. I was not able to sit in the classes. I didn’t have a good sleep yesterday night and felt so tired and feverish this morning. So, I planned not to go to college, despite having the internal exam.

Then I slept again till 9am, when there was the usual power cut. With 3 hours of power cut, I was not able to sleep in this terrible summer season. Then I slept for sometime in the afternoon too and now I feel much relieved. Though I’m still having cold, the feverish feeling has gone.

Fever Spoiling Weekend plans
After a long time, we have a bunch of holidays, thanks to Good Friday. I had many plans for this weekend. Particularly I planned to go to the much expected Clash of the Titans, a 3D movie, which has Avatar hero Sam Worrington as the protagonist.

IPL Fever
It was good to see Chennai Super kings win yesterday. This win means the competition is wide open. Punjab has almost lost its chance with an array of losses, Yuvraj failing to fire being the main reason. Mumbai is on top with 6 wins from 7 matches. Sachin’s form with the bat and his inspirational leadership remains the main reason. So they are nearly in the semifinals. The other 3 teams are undecided.

Chennai is not in a great form, but Vijay’s and Raina’s batting yesterday and Murali’s consistent bowling gives us a new hope. With Hussey and Bollinger back in the team, we have some good chances. I have reduced the number of matches I watch, in order to concentrate on studies. I’m watching Chennai’s matches, since it’s my home side and Mumbai’s matches, since I’m a great fan of Sachin. In other matches, I watch the scores now and then.

Also, next year there will be 10 teams and a lot more matches. There will be new set of players in all the teams. The current team owners can retain 4 Indian players and 3 overseas players, if the players are also interested. Regarding Chennai, I think Dhoni will be 1st option, but there has been a rumor that he will be changing teams. Chennai may like to have Raina, Murali and Hussey in their team.

Here I attach some photos from the IPL

Jacque Kallis, the current Orange Cap Holder is the main reason for RCB's success
Muttiah Muralidaran, the current Purple Cap Holder's performances was not enough for CSK to win matches
Ganuly back as KKR captain is also back in form.
Shaun Tait's furious bowling have been Rajastan's biggest plus.
Yusuf Pathan's quickfire 100 of 37 balls was not enough for RR to chase 212
Dinesh Karthik is in great form for the Delhi Daredevils
This man continues to inspire people! When everyone considered T20 as a big hitter's game, Sachin Tendulkar proved classical batting is the best one in all formats of the game.
Can Punjab use the arrival of Shaun Marsh to break their losing streaks?
Raina, one of the great finishers of the game is in good form for the CSK
This leg glance has been one of Sachin's most played shots this season. What more? His inspiring leadership is winning games for MI. They seem to be the best team this season. Can they win IPL 3? Lets wait and see!

Also, I’ve changed my Blog’s template. Just say how the new template is with the polls!!!!

Happy Reading!!!