June 20, 2011

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (1966)

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For a long time, I was confused whether to watch this movie or not. Finally I decided to watch this movie and it ended up to a great one. Western movies have dominated during the 60s and 70s across the world. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly was actually taken in Italian and then transformed into an English movie. This movie is directed by the famous Sergio Lione stars Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach and Lee Van Cleef.

Lee Van Clef plays the role of Angel eyes and is introduced as the Bad. In order to know information about a missing man named Bil Carson, he gets $500 from an army man and in the process he knows about the large quantity of gold being transported by Bil Carson.

Eli Wallach plays Tuco who is the Ugly guy. Clint Eastwood playing Blondie is the Good person and saves Tuco from a group. Tuco is worth $2000 and hence Blondie hands him over to the police and gets the reward. When Tuco is about to be hanged, Blondie shoots the rope and saves him. They carry out this process across cities and share the money. After an escape, Blondie leaves Tuco in the desert, saying it is enough.

Tuco escapes the desert, follows Blondie and captures him. He tortures Blondie by making him to walk in the desert and when he is about to die, they encounter a caravan. In the caravan all the soldiers are dead, except for Bil Carson who is about to die. He informs Tuco about the $200,000 worth gold and says it is buried in Sad Hill grave. Then he asks for water. When Tuco goes to fetch water, Bil dies. Blondie gets the name of the cemetery and hence Tuco must save Blondie.
The Trio

After saving Blondie they go in search of the cemetery and in the process they get into the hands of Angel eyes who is the Sergeant in an army camp. Tuco is tortured and Angel eyes get the name of the grave. Knowing that Blondie won’t say the name, he makes Blondie to join him in search of the cemetery. They are accompanied by 5 other men. When they stay in a village, Tuco arrives there.

Blondie joins Tuco and together they wipe out the 5 men. Angel eyes escapes and so they head for the cemetery. The next hour portrays the events happening in their way and the reactions between the three when they meet at the cemetery.

The dialogues in the movie were fabulous. ‘When you have to shoot, shoot. Don’t talk’ and ‘there are two type of people in this world’ – which is used in a lot of occasions to describe the job between Blondie and Tuco. Cinematography plays a vital role in this movie. The technique of depicting things increases the interest of viewing the movie. Particularly, the climax scene when the three of them stand in a triangle and the way they slowly react to take the guns generates so much interest.

Music is another big advantage. It is in a separate level from other movies and depicts the western genre. I was also able to realize that the music has been used in a lot of Tamil Western genre movies.

Overall, the movie is an excellent depiction of Western Culture and immerses the viewers deeply.

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  1. Excellent review. I completely agree, the way things are shown have a huge impact in retaining the interest of the viewer.I am glad you liked the movie. Sounds like a good watch..

  2. @Arti

    thanks for the comments... it is a really good watch... don't miss it if u r a fan of cowboy movies...


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