June 6, 2011

WED Special - II

Whys Should we Conserve Forests?

Forests are referred to as lungs of the earth. They absorb Carbon dioxide and lets out oxygen. It is amazing to know that forest degradation accounts for 20% of the green house gas emissions. The three main reasons for deforestation are commercial logging, forest fire and gathering wood for fuel. 

Commercial Logging can be cut down by careful monitoring and government needs to ensure that new plants are planted (though this will take long time to compensate the old tree). People need to make sure that they don't buy furniture made of precious timber. For instance teak is commonly used for making royal furniture and imagine how long it must have taken for the teak to grow.

Natural forest fire should be controlled as soon as possible and government must ensure artificial fire does not occur. Primitive people gather wood for fuel and government must educate them. Dry wood can be used instead of fresh ones. Dry wood will burn easily and has higher Calorific value too.

Most of the rivers in the world depend on water. So, if there is no water in the river, then deforestation can be a reason. In recent times, many wild animals have been entering human habitats. Again, deforestation accounts for this one.

So always remember this line Forests: Nature at your Service

Source: UNEP Website

Save Earth!


  1. Great going , keep up the good work . Forest are life for all of us . Day they are gone , we are also gone with them .


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