June 5, 2011

WED Special - I

Hi Guys,

Today (June 5) is celebrated as World Environment Day (WED). As a nature lover, I have decided to write back to back posts about Environment all this week. All the posts will be micro blogs and their main purpose would be to create awareness among my readers.

The theme for this year's WED is Forests: Nature at your Service. Forests cover one third of the earth's surface and it is so important for the survival of many species of animals, trees and they contribute so much to the survival of our planet. Forests have given so much to us and it is sad that we destroy the forests. Each year around 13 million hectares of forests is destroyed. It is equal to the size of Portugal. It is so important to save these forests from extinction.

Visit the official website of WED to know more.

Source: UNEP Website

Save Earth!

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  1. Happy WED . Forest is just not necessary for many species but for all species survival .


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