June 18, 2011

45 minutes of a movie

Hi Guys,

It was very boring yesterday noon and so I switched on the television and all the programs were equally boring. One channel was telecasting an old Tamil movie (from the color, guess it would have been released by 1985 or so). So, I decided to watch that movie. I started watching by 12 pm and it was over by 12.45 pm. I have seen quite a lot of movies and I can definitely say it was the worst.

I was not able to recognize any of the faces and hence it was definitely a flop movie. There are 4 main characters in the movie, Hero, hero’s wife and another heroine who is hero’s friend and also a cancer patient and last but not the least a doctor who treats the heroine. Let me say the story from the time I saw it.

Hero and hero’s wife decide to go to a movie. When hero’s wife goes to change her dress, our hero sees a newspaper ad about a saint who has the talent of curing cancer. So, he decides to visit the saint and leaves without even informing his wife. He visits the saint, who says that liquid extracted from neem leaves and another powder will cure cancer. So he takes the leaves and returns back home by 3 am. He himself prepares the liquid and goes to the hospital. In between he visits the doctor who also accepts the saint’s medicine and says that he is nothing before the 94 year old saint’s experience.

Hero’s wife is of the opinion that he is in love with the other girl. There is another group who is planning to separate the hero from his wife and until the end they don’t do anything to separate them. Our hero daily travels 3 hours in his bike to pluck neem leaves, as there is only one neem tree. The girl’s cancer seems to get worse and she is all set to die soon.

Finally the doctor says that the symptoms are complicated and the time has come for doing a complex surgery. He does the surgery and takes a piece of red cloth and says that the cloth was left inside while doing the surgery for tumor and that was the one creating all the symptoms for cancer and she doesn’t have cancer.

At this time my frustration was at peak and I thought the movie was over. No, it wasn’t. The girl gets better day by day and sometime later our hero’s wife gives birth to a baby and she goes to visit the baby and there is a song there. After the song our hero’s wife faints. Doctor checks and says she needs to be taken to hospital. At hospital, the doctor opens her hand to find that a very poisonous centipede has bitten her and there is no way to save her. So she dies and leaves her baby to the girl and the movie ends there.

Though, I had lot of questions pondering in my mind, the main one is - இப்பிடி எல்லாம் எப்பிடி படம் எடுத்திங்க!!!

Happy Reading!!!


  1. WOW! that is definately the worst story for movie by far.. hats off to you for watching for 45 long minutes!

  2. Probably the last 5 minutes of the movie were the best part!

  3. @Stuti

    thank you... it was definitely hard to watch...

  4. @CooperJal

    best part? i think u must be made to watch that movie...


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