June 7, 2011

WED Special - III

Myth Busters!

In the name of saving the environment, we are actually polluting it more. Here are some myth busters
  • Paper cups are safer and environment friendly when compared to plastic (styrofoam cups). No, it isn't. Paper cups are not made of ordinary paper and they take longer time to degrade. They are more dangerous than plastic cups in many ways. Their manufacturing cost is also high. They consume 12 times more steam, 36 times more electricity than a plastic. What more, paper is taken from wood pulp, which again affects the environment. So, it is always better to use reusable cups for drinking beverages.
  • Another one common myth is Electric vehicles don't emit pollution and they are environment friendly. To a part it is true, but we need to make sure the electricity we use comes from a green source. In most cases, electricity itself is generated from fossil fuels. What more, only a small percent of power is converted into electricity and again a considerable percent is lost in the car. As a result, the conventional car will be less dangerous than this one.


  1. Good post Karthick. I never knew that plastic cups were a better option as compared to paper cups... Very informative... We must all do our bit to save the environment and our mother Earth.
    Have a nice day:)

  2. Lovely informative post , keep good work of enlightening people about simple things which make life better .

  3. interesting anf informative...thanks for sharing...



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