June 17, 2011

Things that Crossed my Way!

Hi Guys,

During the past few days, I started writing a lot of things and I was not able to continue writing stuffs after 1 paragraph. So, thought of writing a collection of lot of things.

Angry Birds
There are quite a few things that everyone will like and we won’t like. Angry Birds is one such thing to me. Just read a stat that Angry Birds is downloaded more than a million times per day. I am not able to find out why I hate this game, but simply it doesn’t sync with my heart. Yesterday read the article ‘Squawk, Virtually’ in The Hindu Metro plus. Many of the avid fans of the game expressed their relationship with the game. One of the players said that he was able to find physics behind this game. He says that the game deals with kinematics, dynamics, projectile, properties of materials and the game tests the player understands of these concepts.

I was laughing for a long time after reading this story. If this is what that attracts him, then he should be attracted to anything, because this whole world is made up of dynamics and kinematics. Seeing the game of cricket technically, you will understand that there is projectile motion every time a ball is thrown, bowled or hit. So, does this mean that the players are experts in projectile motion or does it mean that people good in mechanics play cricket well. It was really a very funny thought.

Favorite Dialogue
For the past two days, #favdialogue has been the top trend in twitter. I thought about my favorite dialogue and remembered the famous dialogue from Batman Begins. How I came to know about the dialogue is even more interesting. Some time back, when I was speaking with my brother about The Dark Knight, he said that the movie is just too good because of the Joker character and as a movie Batman Begins is better and he told me the dialogue then. I was attracted by the dialogue and it was a main reason why I watched that movie. Well, another reason was that it was a Christopher Nolan movie.

Christian Bale plays the role of Bruce Wayne who is also the Batman and Katie Holmes plays the role of Rachel Dawes. Rachel is a childhood friend of Bruce and later becomes his lover. When she sees Bruce enjoying too much in a Hotel, just because he has lot of money, she says, ‘Deep down you may still be that same great kid you used to be. But it's not who you are underneath, it's what you do that defines you’. In the climax, Batman will save Rachel and Rachel will ask who he is. Batman will reply, ‘It is not who I am underneath, but what I do that defines me’. She will be just shocked to know that it is Bruce.

Amazing Acting – Peter O’Toole
A few days back I watched the movie ‘Lawrence of Arabia’. I will write a review about it later. Peter O’Toole plays the role of Lawrence and his acting was incredible. In the 200 minute epic movie, he appears in almost all scenes and the last 30 minutes were the best. He shows fear, anger, guiltiness and distrust in his eyes. In the beginning he likes the desert very much and in the later half after all the fighting and revolt, he shouts, ‘I pray that I may never see the desert again. Hear me, God’. His emotions are really wonderful and it is shocking that he didn’t get an Oscar, though that movie got 7 awards.

Chrome Notebook
Just saw this ad for Chrome Notebook in You tube. Here is the ad for you.

That’s it for now.

Happy Reading!!!


  1. I haven't played Angry Bird even once, but heard a lot about it.
    Will play it though sometiome.

  2. @Abhishek

    yeah, generally people love it, though i don't... i think u can play it in chrome browser...


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