May 1, 2012

Trekking at Azhagar Kovil - 1

Hi Guys,

This time I am going to write about my trekking experience at the hill of Azhagar Kovil (temple). Actually I was not sure whether trekking was the right term, but found out that trekking means walking a long distance where common travel is not available. My experience would fall in between the category of walking and trekking.

I would write about write about the history of the temple and hill at the end of the posts ( I hope to have a series of posts). I am planning to carry out a photo descriptive post.

To start with, the persons involved in the trek were myself and my friends Bala Kumar and Saravana Kumar. Bala was the organizer and actually 6-7 persons were supposed to come, but each pulled off at the last minute. Anyway we three had some good time together. We boarded the bus at sometime around 9 am. If you are wondering how I am depicting the right time from here on, I am using the time present in the photographs.

9.42 am: We reached Azhagar Kovil bus stop and started walking towards the temple.

9.47 am: Reached the entrance of the temple

9.52 am: Started our journey towards the hill. Stepping into the trees created something exhilarating. The temperature became suddenly cool and we felt separated from the whole crowd outside. A few monkeys welcomed us. There where few other devotees and sellers selling raw mangoes, cucumbers, amla water melon and a few other eatables.

9.55 am: We started taking a few photographs. Myself and Bala had cameras. Bala was more focussed on taking macro shots of insects and flowers there. I was concentrating on the nature surrounding and also capturing ourselves. We were full of energy as we entered and we climbed the side paths and few rocks here and there and took some photographs. We also asked Saravana to take a stick with him in order to protect us in case any monkeys attacked us. We also crossed a Snake temple (temple that had lot of snake statues). People had tied many colourful clothes in the tree - some prayers.

Monkey eating Raw Mango given by some devotee
An Interesting pose
10.05 am: We started meeting few steps cut out of rocks. Again we were not trying to advance quickly. A small stream with clear water was accompanying us all along the path.
Saravana with stick - Monkey Chaser
The three of us
10.20 am: The stream was close and it was quite broad. It was clear and the presence of water increased the number of creatures surrounding. Bala was more focussed on taking spiders, dragonflies and butterflies that were around. Saravana was helping Bala by finding creatures. In the process, he often forgot the stick and we had to remind him to take it back.
Bala taking a picture
A bunch of beautiful flowers with a fly on it
Water Spiders present
10.30 am: We were roaming around the same place. Some 3-4 monkeys were carrying their little ones and travelled across our path. Monkeys were generally afraid of us and move away or stay undisturbed. I think they will attack only if we have some food with us.
Monkey drinking water
The stream that was accompanying
Roots of trees
11.10 am: We had spent something around forty five mintues at two different places. Bala was trying desperately to capture some butterflies and dragonflies. Dragonflies here were really striking in nature. They had hues of bright blue and red. We started moving ahead by 11.05 am.
A Dragonfly found there
The path ahead
11.15 am: We were making some good progress and started seeing some steep steps and some heavy transportation which meant that we were nearing the road, which was nearly half way.

11.25 am: We reached the road. The stream was quite big and it started flowing at some distance down the road.
The last leg of roadless travel
Will continue the rest of the journey in my next part.
Happy Reading and Viewing!!!


  1. Some amazing Pics as always.
    I also wish to go trekking some day would be lot of fun.
    There so much around you to see :)

    1. thanks abhishek... it was a refreshing experience...

  2. Beautiful beautiful pics Karthick! Loved those colored cloths tied as also the streams and greenery... You all must have surely had a great time, waiting for further posts.

    1. thanks... it was a great time there.... filled with nature and lots of monkeys...

  3. Lovely place and lovely pictures . One small correction its not water spider (8legs) , it is a water strider(6 legs) .

    1. thanks Team G.. good to see a comment from u... thanks for the correction... by the way, they were wonderful creatures... always trying to resist the movement of water, but in vain... as a result they were always moving to and fro...


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