May 26, 2012

Trekking at Azhagar Kovil - 3

Hi Guys,

It took a long time for this concluding post due to my exams.

12.40 pm: We started moving down. This is where I left the previous post.

12.51 pm: The water we collected at the Raakaie Amman Temple was nearly empty as Saravana didn't collect properly. Bala said that there is another temple nearby on the way down where the we can collect the water from another opening of the stream. We reached there by 12.50 pm. It was a small temple that was a 2 minute walk from the main road. It was visible from the road, if observed carefully.
The Path to the temple
12.55 pm: It was five minutes before Saravana collected water from the water stream that was flowing through a pipe. It was some 10 feet below the ground. The water was again very clean and had some herbal flavour. There were a very few people who were preparing to take bath. The water was very cool and the sun was quite hot.
Water flowing through a pipe.
The small temple
1.08 pm: Another 15 minutes of walking and we reached the Ice Cream vendor - the man who sold Ice Cream at the dividing point between the road and natural path. It meant we had completed nearly half the journey in the downward path.
The Ice Cream Vendor
1.29 pm: We sat in a rock for some time. Bala had captured a butterfly and after some efforts he took shots in different positions before leaving the butterfly back to freedom (we didn't hurt the butterfly). After that we continued our journey towards the base. We spotted some goats drinking water in the stream and eating plants.
1.40 pm: We reached the base of the temple after some 10 minutes. We were so tired by then and it was relieving to see the wall of the temple.
Nearing the end of the journey.
1.45 pm: It took us five more minutes to reach the starting point. After capturing some shots we moved to the bus stop.
The entrance of the temple
A mandapam outside meant for devotees to rest.
It took us nearly 1 hour to come down. Leaving the rest period, I could say it took us 45 minutes. Walking down was easier than moving up. After drinking water, we moved to bus stop by 2 pm and it was lunch time. There were no buses there.

It took another 15 minutes for a bus to come and there was a big crowd. Again I was left with no buses at the other bus stand and hence I reached home finally by 4.15 pm. I was so tired by then.

Walking for a long distance after a long time didn't do anything that day. But when I woke up the next day, my whole body was aching and moving within the home itself was a trouble. Anyway it was a good exercise for the muscles and I got back well soon.

It was an unforgettable experience was me along with Bala and Saravana. Hope to do another activity soon.

I will write about the history of the temple and suggestions for trekking here in my next post (or soon).

Happy Reading and Viewing!!!


  1. Trekking is always wonderful experience ...

  2. Wonderful post. Its always exhilerating to read trekking experiences. And the pics make it more interesting.
    Looking forward to next post.


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