December 6, 2010

Enjoying Nature!

Hi Guys,

It is quite long since I wrote. I am having my semester exams and have to concentrate on that. Just, finished my Thermal Engineering exam and did it quite well. Also, thanks for the overwhelming response for my previous post on Vaigai River. This time my Indiblogger Rank (Indiblogger is a website that supports Indian bloggers) has went up to 73/100 which I have never imagined of taking.

I don’t have very much to write, but will write a very words of how I enjoyed nature in the past few days.

The first delight was Migratory Birds. As the Northern parts gets freezing cold in winter, birds living there travel 1000s of miles to tropical region. My locality is sort of a hub for these birds as there is a lake nearby. The birds will be filled with lot of colors (unlike our usual black and white birds). A blue bird (that I later found to be a Kingfisher) frequents often. Yesterday I saw another bird which was peculiar. Its body was yellow and feathers were coffee brown. It had sort of a long tail like structure. When it flew the tail like structure expanded and offered it stability. Well, the total time I saw the bird was less than a minute it was just awesome. 
The blue color kingfisher that frequents often (this photo was taken last season)
Apart from these birds, if you look at the sky these days you can see flock of birds with superb formation flying synchronously. It will be superb. As I go to terrace in the evening to study I can watch at least 3-4 wonderful flocks a day. Some will be flying in pairs whereas some flocks will contain even 20 birds. These birds are an inspiration to me. See, how tirelessly they from North pole to here for days in the hope of finding food and shelter here (also a few days later they must fly back to the North Pole). We must learn confidence and determination from them.

Another wonderful being I saw was a Dragon fly. Dragon flies are abundant in our locality, but I have never seen them keenly. A few days before I saw picture in which dragon fly was amazing in its appearance. I became interested. Yesterday I had a chance to watch it closely when it was sitting on a cloth line. It was just awesome. Each and everything on its tiny body had structures. Its wings were divided into patterns and were equally colored on both sides. Its body was filled with minute hairs and its head was so beautiful. Well, it was just nice.
The picture of dragon fly that inspired me to look at dragon flies closer

Thats it for now. Will see you soon.

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Loved the new look of your blog!!
    All the best about the results:)
    The pics are very beautiful and you have captured them well!

  2. @magiceye



    thanks... i was quite in funny mood when i set the theme... it looked like echoing my mood of celebration... thanks for the wishes...

  3. Well congrats for your new rank but your deserves better.
    Great you are blogging in between your semesters.
    The Kingfisher pic is cool it even have something in his mouth too.
    I heard winter Monsoon is going around there.
    Happy winter season.

  4. @Abhishek

    Thanks for ur wishes... yeah, the kingfisher has some worm in its mouth...
    actually its raining heavily here... floods everywhere (as i said in last post)... i think winters in North India will be much heavy than here...
    but now climate here is also low, bcoz of global warming...
    what happened to u? no posts for so long...

  5. Nice pic. But kingfishers are not migratory birds. They are quite common in urban and other areas.

  6. @Prathibha


    @Aakanshka Singh

    thanks for the info... i'm not very sure about the kingfisher thing... once i read in a newspaper that this bird is a kingfisher and i have seen this bird only during the winter, so it may not be a kingfisher...

  7. Good work done..

    Try submitting your blog posts to to attract more traffic and many viewers.

  8. @Anonymous

    Thanks for the suggestion. will publish my posts in indli.


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