August 12, 2010

1 and Growing! Thank you all!

Hi Guys,

It is unbelievable! Today my blog turns 1!

365 days of blogging. It has been a very nice experience. Just can’t believe I have written for a year. I have written 61 posts and statistics says that I’ve had more than 1000 visitors.

Thank you all!!! You have supported me all along the way. Some people have made direct comments in my blog, some by mail and some haven’t commented, but are readers are my blog. Whoever, it maybe, I thank you for the support you have shown and the passion you have created inside me to write.

As I said lot of people are vivid readers of my blog, but I would specially like to thank three people who inspired me to begin a blog and have been behind me all the times. Without them, I don’t know how I would have survived in the blogging world.

It all started this way. Last year on August 6, we went on an Industrial Visit to Railway Workshop, Trichy. I wanted my brother to know about the details of the visit and hence sent him a mail, portraying incidences that occurred in the visit. Along with him, I sent the mail to two of my friends, or better to say brotherly friends. They created the zeal inside me to blog. Within a week (on Aug 12, 2009) I created my blog and posted the same mail as my first post.

Vijay Dinesh

A brotherly friend of mine. We were neighbours for a long time, before he went to Chennai and then forth to Singapore for his higher studies. He is currently working in Singapore. He was in Singapore when I sent the mail. This was a part of the mail he sent back,

‘spend time writing ur experiences.. may be blogging at times.. whenever u find time.. its a very good hobby and u will know that there cud b lot of fans for ur words..count me in as one of ur first fans for ur words..’

At the beginning I thought he was making fun of me and left the issue. Then he sent me link of one of his friend’s blog and asked me to go through it. He was busy with his college earlier and now he is hectic with his job. But all along, he read my blogs and kept commenting positively. He has guided me through a lot of things. A person with great knowledge and has a lot of positive attitude.
Vijay Dinesh in Singapore!
Thanks anna, for your guidance!!!

Nataraj Gandhi

A close friend of my brother. We became friends along the way and he is one of the avid readers of my blog. He is currently working in Colombia. He was in Colombia when I sent the mail. This was part of a reply he made,

‘It was a very good mail Karthick. It has captured the entire essence of your IV trip!!!

really nice. My suggestion is you can start blogging on the net with your experiences.’

This was the second mail in which I was asked to start a blog. So, I knew people really liked my writing. He read all my posts and sends me the comments as mail. One other thing I like about him is that he corrects the mistakes I do in my blog. His attitude use to amaze me. I think he can face any kind of situation in life. I want to have the same attitude as him.

Nataraj Gandhi in San Andreas!
Thanks anna, for your assistance!!!


My dear brother. He is currently working in USA. There are lot of wonderful things to say about him. But here, let me write about our relations surrounding the blog. When I was about to start my blog, he was in Uruguay and I told him that I’m going to start one. He enquired me what was a blog. I thought he will never be interested in my writings. But as time went on I was proved wrong. Initially he didn’t say a lot about my blog. Occasionally he used to say that my writing was good.

I wrote a post named Animal Week and he became really interested. He called me and spoke with me for nearly an hour pointing out all my mistakes. He told that was really different and encouraged me to write such things. From then on he has been one of my greatest supporters. He used to point my mistakes and help me rectify them. Blessed to have him as my brother.

I along with my brother! (a few years back)
Thanks for everything, dear brother!!!

Thanks to all of you

Apart from these 3 guys, there are lot of people who have been readers of my blog. Particularly thanks to all my classmates, other bloggers who write great things and comment on my blog too, other people who visit my blogs to collect information, etc

People use to amaze me by saying things like, ‘Hey Karthick, have been reading your blog. You are writing great stuffs’. Thanks to all you guys. You can suggest me different topics on which you expect me to blog.

Most popular topics in my blog

Keep supporting me!!!

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Congratulations to you for your blogs first anniversary.
    I have added you on my blogroll and i really look forward for your posts.
    As soon as they come i try to read it.
    The Best thing i like is your way of writing, it gives in depth knowledge about whatever topic you write about.
    May your blog have many more anniversaries like this one.

  2. @Abhishek

    Thank u very much... i will try to keep upto ur expectations in my upcoming posts...


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