August 4, 2010

Black and White!

Hi Guys,

I experiemented the Black and White mode in my camera. Check out!

My notebook pile!
Paste tube (unclear at ISO 800)
Same paste tube (clear at ISO 80)
Lamp (unclear at ISO 400)
Lamp (clear at ISO 80)
Things bright at ISO 800
Same things less visible at ISO 80
Same things perfect at ISO 200
ISO 200
ISO 800
ISO 80
ISO 80, too dark
ISO 800, clear and visible
ISO 200
ISO 80, dark
ISO 800, visible
ISO 800, less clarity with more brightness
ISO 80, more clarity
Thats it guys.

Happy Viewing!!!


  1. Black nd White Pictures always fascinates me and so were yours.
    How about some Outdoor B & W Pics ?
    While my fav one amongst them was " Same paste tube (clear at ISO 80) "

  2. Nice monochrome pics... Btw what does Iso mean?

  3. @Abhishek

    Thanks for ur comments... tehy drive me to take more photos... surely, i'll try outdoor BW soon...

  4. @Arti

    Thanks for ur comments!

    ISO refers to the sensitivty of the camera to light... in earlier days of film photography it was done manually by film... now in digicam it is done by sensors...

    Lower ISO means lower light, but better clarity... higher ISO means bright light but less clarity... it is good to use low ISO at daytime (when there is bright light) and high ISO in dark light...

    Find more about ISO at

  5. Thanks!
    That was very interesting to know..


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