April 16, 2011

Lessons I learnt Blogging!

Hi Guys,

This is my 100th post and it’s really amazing that I have written 99 posts before this. It all started as a fun and now blogging has become an integral part of my life.

Early Days
I started this blog during the early days of my third semester. I already wrote the history of my blog during the blog’s first birthday. After I started my blog, I was not sure about what to write. I was just writing for the sake of posting something. If you look at my earlier posts, I would have written a lot about cricket and nothing else. There were nearly nil readers and it was maddening. Some of my classmates really helped then. They would read all the things I write and they cherished my efforts. I learnt the lesson – Everything appears simple, but nothing is easy. Consistent hard work and dedication is needed. 

Turning Point
Three months passed so and the thought of quitting the blog was slowly getting into me. I didn’t write for 3 weeks and suddenly some funny incidences that took place around me inspired me to write Animal Week. That night, my brother called me and he was very happy with what I wrote. He said it was too different from my previous posts and it was very captivating, despite the mistakes I had in my writing (he still does correct my mistakes and thanks for helping me bro). That night, he spoke with me for an hour about the post and how it could be improved and at the end of the conversation, there was a new spark inside me. So, I learnt the lesson – Never Give Up. You can never succeed without failing a few times.

Concentrating on Other Things
Another 5-6 months passed so. I was getting feedbacks from my brother and friends. But other than that there were not many readers. I started refining the appearance of my blog. I added my blog to many blog directories. I started following others and they started to follow me. The number of visitors started increasing day by day. Also reading other blogs meant that I learnt a lot from them. The lesson I learnt this time – You always need help from others to survive, no matter how strong you are.

Spreading Information
Around my blog’s first birthday, I came to know about the working of Nitrous Oxide boosters and wrote about it after some research. It was widely welcomed and it is one of the most popular posts till now. During the monsoon season, there was flood in the Vaigai River and the river was flooding after nearly 10 years. I decided to write on that and it was an instant success. All the visitors were native people of the city, but now residing outside the city. Some of the posts about much-admired movies were also instant hits and they continue to remain at the top of the most read posts. Lesson – Write about things people wish to know. They visit expecting new things.

So, I am writing my 100th post today. Thanks for all your support and keep supporting.

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Awesome job! Keep going with +ve frame of mind and you will succeed...

  2. you hit the nail on the head when you said, "Write about things people wish to know.." for example, some of your blogs on how engines work were blogs which i could never complete reading after starting...of course always writing about things which other people wish is not a good idea since you lose your originality and inspiration...but keep it balanced in making your blog interesting as well as inspiring for you go on.....

  3. A great journey.

    Wish you further sucessess.

  4. @Narayanan

    Thanks bro, for all your help

  5. @nataraj

    thanks for the comments and i accept what u say. the intended meaning is that u should write stuffs that r interesting to u and also interesting to others... also, i'm not dealing with originality. i am saying not to write very common stuffs that r present allover..

  6. @Vyankatesh

    thanks for the comments...

  7. Really awesome achievement! Congrats... Its the attitude that matters, your willingness to learn has taken you places and inspires me as well!
    Keep it going, Best Wishes :)

  8. @Arti

    thanks for the comments and wishes... interesting that u r inspired by me... ur blog inspires me very much... they way u write about the spiritual journeys, histories inspires me...


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