April 10, 2011

After Rain!!!

Hi Guys,

There was an unexpected shower in the early hours today. The climate was cool when I woke up and then the sun came out as usual. I went around my garden and took some photos of the effect of rain. Here, I share some of the photos.
Water accumulated in the floor.

I noticed some ants sticking to the wall. They were not moving, but were carrying some white identical object. It must be the ant egg. Ants are said to predict rain and they carry their eggs before the rain.
Water sticking to the leaves!
A close up view!
Water sticking to the buds!
Drops about to fall
View the complete Picasa web album here.

Happy Viewing!!!


  1. Breathtaking beauty, I loved the first shot absolutely!

  2. @Arti

    thanks for the comments... Nature is always beautiful!!!

  3. Absolutely beautiful! The raindrops glistening on the leaves.. nice:-)

  4. @sanjeev

    thanks for the comments!!!


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