April 13, 2011

IPL Jerseys!

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A few days back IPL 4 started and after a superb world cup, it is definitely hard for the IPL to make an impact. For most of the matches, the stadiums were only half filled. High ticket prices are also a reason. The jerseys are most of the teams are irritating and so I will write about the jerseys.

Delhi Dare Devils
Their earlier Black-Red was good; Dark Blue-Red was nice. This time, they have lost most of their players and with newer players, they have got new sponsors. Their jersey is shocking, with Dark Blue color and white curves all over the jersey. It is as if the jersey is covered with nets. The team sponsor has got a major portion. The jersey seems as bad as their new team.

Kochi Tuskers Kerela
This is one of the most comic jerseys of the IPL. I think Kochi’s idea might be to scare their opponents by using their jersey. Full of orange and shades of Violet. Whoever designed this jersey must have got a very creative brain. 

Sahara Pune Warriors
Not a bad jersey, but something is missing. It is more like the jersey is copied from the Kiwis. The sponsor’s logo does not suit the jersey. There are places when the logo is too bright compared to the jersey. The jersey is dull and lacks energy.

Other Teams
Their Black-Gold jersey (they wore in IPL-1) was one of the best jerseys of IPL. It is sad they changed it to Dark Blue-Gold. 

Of the other teams, RCB looks good, thought they were superb without the blue stripes.

CSK looks as usual, blazing in their yellow jersey with lion roaring.

Mumbai Indians also look as good as ever with the blue jersey. So does Rajasthan Royals and Punjab.

Deccan Chargers also haven’t changed their jersey, though they could have done something to create an energetic look.

Bleeding Blue
It is also interesting to note that, 5 teams are wearing different shades of blue. Many teams changed from black to blue. I think, sentimentally blue is considered to be a lucky color. Not only in cricket, but in most of the sports, the jerseys will be blue in color.

Popup Ads
Seeing the jerseys, there are lot of sponsor logos all over. They are like Pop up advertisements. Logos are present above thigh, over the chest, on the back, above the sidearm, in the helmet. My doubt is, how to leading brands expect people to see such a small logo.

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  1. The quality of the entire event has been somewhat low... the teams along with their jerseys look out of place, a complete mismatch!


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