April 29, 2011

A Summer Afternoon!

Hi Guys,

It was boring in the afternoon, due to the usual power shedding. I was hearing songs from my iPod and unusually I was not interested in listening to the songs. So, I just took my camera and went to the garden in the hope of snapping a squirrel.  I tried to capture them in the camera, by throwing some biscuits. They were not willing to give me a pose. They took a piece of biscuit and as soon as they saw me, they raced away.

Anyway I got some good images and will be sharing with you.
House fly in the cloth lane!
A small custard apple that fell of the tree. Mom was complaining that lot of fruits were falling down very early.
Starting stage of a Custard Apple
An abandoned Spider web
A Dragon fly. I never expected to see this one. It was very patient. It never flew away from the spot.
A Closer Look of the Dragon fly
A crow and a Squirrel searching for food.
The link for the web album is Summer- Picasa Web Album

Happy Viewing!!!


  1. Your garden is truly very beautiful just like your captures! Enjoyed them!

  2. @Arti

    thanks for the comments... Garden is quite small and my mother takes care of the plants well... due to the plants lot of animals visit the garden...


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