July 5, 2010

Things that crossed my way!

Hi guys,
I have been wasting the past three days watching TV, surfing and roaming outside. It is quite bad that my classes begin day after tomorrow.
A Live Accident
My last exam was on July 2. Exam was over by 1 pm and I along with my friends was standing at the bus stop by 1.15 pm. We missed a bus narrowly and had to wait for the next bus which was only 1.45 pm. My friends Jegan and Rajesh were irritating me by discussing answers for the questions. Already the exam was tough and discussing answers made it worse. Around 30 students were there in the bus stop.
It was 1.30 pm and we heard a crashing sound some 100 meters away. A middle aged man was lying on the road and his Honda Activa was a few feet away. At the same time a Mahindra Scorpio was flying away. We realised the driver of the car was the culprit and before we could stop him, he drove away. We were waiting for the fallen man to get up, but he wasn’t getting up. So a group my college mates went to help him. We followed the first group.
We learned that he had stopped his vehicle since a dog was crossing the road and in the mean time the car hit him. There was nothing serious. He had little bruises in his leg, apart from a hamstring. His vehicle was quite badly damaged. It was 2 minutes before he got up and we guided him to the nearby shop and made him sit there. He was mentally shocked. He was sitting there until we caught the bus by 1.50 pm.
Movies I watched
I watched many movies in the past week including Ocean’s thirteen, Night Train, the Hills have Eyes, Raavanan and Panic Room. Ocean’s thirteen was as good as the first two parts. Night train was not a great movie, half the story was not clear. The Hills have Eyes was a horrific movie. The movie was as terrible as ‘Saw’ and I won’t recommend this movie to anyone. There has been mixed reviews about Raavanan, but I liked the movie to a certain extent. The second half was good, the first half was boring. Panic room was a good movie. It revolves around a mother and her daughter being locked up in a safety room, because of three robbers in their house. It was a good thriller movie, though the final scenes were unexciting. Of all the above, Ocean’s thirteen and Panic room are very good movies.
Improved settings in Apple’s new software
In my Apple creating headaches post, I mentioned the troubles with iOS4 software. Recently I found that the settings feature has been improved in this OS. Apple has paved way for Bluetooth in iPod. We can create playlists in iPod itself. Lot of settings have been improved. So, my anger with Apple has subsided a little.
If you give advice, then you must follow it
This happened to us a fortnight back. We were travelling back in a city bus after the exam. My classmate Sudarsan took ticket for four of us. Each ticket was Rs.4 and he gave Rs.20 to the conductor. The conductor gave four tickets, but didn’t give the balance. So Sudarsan asked for the balance. The conductor started to advice, ‘இன்னைக்கு சில்லறை நாலு ரூவா தரலைனா எப்பிடி இருக்கு உங்களுக்கு. நாளைக்கு அதிகாரி ஆனதுக்கு அப்புறம், நீங்க அஞ்சாயிரம், பத்தாயியாம்னு லஞ்சம் கேக்க கூடாது' (‘It hurts you when I don’t give balance today. Tomorrow when you become officials, you shouldn’t ask 5000 or 10000 as bribe’). He was continuously advising for 10 minutes, until we got down. The biggest comedy is that he never gave the balance. If he was really advising, he should have given back Rs.4. But his actions seem to show that he wanted the 4 Rs for himself and hence he blabbered.
That’s it for now.
Happy Reading!!!


  1. Karthick you write very well !
    I guess that was Tamil.
    Now a days i am undergoing training in 3G(Telecom related)and with me 4 Tamil guys who came all the way from TN are also there, so learning some Tamil from them.

  2. Abhishek Bhardwaj said...
    Karthick you write very well !
    I guess that was Tamil.
    Now a days i am undergoing training in 3G(Telecom related)and with me 4 Tamil guys who came all the way from TN are also there, so learning some Tamil from them
    Yes, thats tamil. Will be great learning a new language. also great that u r undergoing training in 3G, which seems to have a huge prospect in India... My hearty wishes for ur training!


  4. @Manish

    thanks... i'll surely visit ur blog and leave comments... all of us r learners... good luck for ur blog!!!


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