July 25, 2010

Things that crossed my way!

Hi Guys,
I’m quite busy since my V semester classes begun. This time, the classes are quite boring. In the past two weeks I gained lot of experience as I along with my friends went through some of the old streets of the city. I have never visited those streets before. We had been busy working for a mini project competition and it is quite sad that the project is on the verge of failure. Hoping that things get alright in the upcoming days.
Chess and me
Chess requires lot of logical thinking. My brother taught me to play chess when i was 7 or 8. We played a few times and I kept losing all those time. Then both of us became uninterested and we left playing. After that I’ve played chess very rarely with some of my friends. In the past few months, I started to play again with computer. There are 10 levels and I normally choose 1st or 2nd level. I lose some and win some, but all those things marginally. The magic occurred a few days before. I was playing in level 1 and this time I played with different tactics. To my surprise, I was on the upper side right from the start. I finished the game in just 10 minutes after losing just 2 coins. Here I present some of those screenshots.


The biggest comedy was that, I lost the next game which I played in level 2.
Salt- Movie
angelina-jolie-salt-movie-posterYesterday evening I went to the movie Salt along with my friends. I was half minded about going to the movie, but as my friends compelled I went to the movie. It was not a very great movie. A few action sequences were good. Apart from that nothing was impressive.The movie was not very clear. The outline was good, but the screenplay made it clumsy. Angelina Jolie is a Russian and she is trained to collapse USA. She joins in CIA as a spy for the Russian rebel group and she is assigned to kill the Russian president visiting USA . Their next plan is to launch nuclear weapons on the Muslim countries and turn them against USA. For reasons unknown Angelina fights against the Russian group. Why she is against them is not explained properly. We came out of the theatre with lot of questions and none was satisfactory of seeing the movie.
White Umbrellas in my home
I woke up on Friday and found some small mushrooms in my garden. I took my camera and captured the mushrooms. The lighting was poor, but I thought, the mushrooms will wither by the time I cam back home in the evening. The pictures were not very brilliant. I publish the photos for your view.
A whole view of the Mushrooms

Mushroom with water droplets

That's it for now.
Happy Reading!!!


  1. Lets have a match of chess. :) I love to play chess.

    White umbrellas were lovely. :)
    Enjoyed reading ur post! :)

  2. @Chandrika

    thanks for inviting me to play chess with u...

  3. I bet if i play Chess with you i will loose.
    There is a kind of tradition in my family that male members play it well but i am the lone guy who is very bad at it. I don't like to strategies hence could not plan future moves and eventually loose the game.

  4. @Abhishek

    I bet i'll lose... i'm not a good player... was very lucky that day...

    anyway, good to see u here after a long time... take care


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