March 21, 2011

Automobile Videos - 1

Hi Guys,

I was just seeing some videos about various technologies used in automobiles. Started with things in my syllabus and later went into things. They were just wonderful. I will post the videos in the next couple of posts along with explanations.

Note: The 1st video is more technical and the 2nd video is more general. But both the videos are suitable for all.

How Differential Works?
First, differential is a device used in automobiles to control the speed of the rear wheels particularly during turning. Power generated in the engine is transmitted through clutch, gearbox and propeller shaft. From propeller shaft, the differential divides the power equally to both the wheels. When the vehicle turns left, the left wheel should turn a shorter distance and right wheel should cover a larger distance. Differential takes care of it.

The concept is difficult to understand. Chevrolet has released a wonderful video explaining the working of differential using steel bars. This 1930 video is still used to explain the working of differential. See the video and you will understand.

Aerodynamics of Aeroplanes, Cars
I’ve heard of Aerodynamic effects on automobiles, but never in such a way. The effect of Aerodynamics is same, but the way it is used in Aeroplanes, cars and racing cars are different. In Aeroplanes, it is used for the flight. In cars, Aerodynamics needs to be controlled to keep the car on land and in racing cars, to speed the cars. Can’t explain the things in words, the 10 minute video from Audi will explain better. If you play car racing games, you will know the use of Spoilers.

(To be continued…)

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Great videos though the first one was technical as you said!!
    My knowledge on cars is increasing day by day, never had interest in F1 but now I like it a bit after seeing your and Abhisheks blog!!

  2. My knowledge too is increasing, great post... The Audi car is awesome!!

  3. My bad i cudn't see those videos as net speed is very bad at my place.
    But got what you explained about differential.

  4. @Dipesh

    thanks... it will be a very fascinating experience as u know more about cars... infact, it is the most favorite branch of mechanical engineering students...

  5. @Arti

    thanks... yeah, Audi has made the video such that everyone understands...

  6. @Abhishek

    oh... if u can see the videos the videos in the future... they are wonderful ones... anyway happy that my writing about differential was good... what happened to u? no posts for very long time...


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