March 5, 2011

My recent Reading stuffs!

Hi Guys,

It feels good to write a post after a long time. I was having a terrible time with chicken pox and it feels good to be back to normal again, though the scars peel off and give a hard time occasionally.

In the mean time, I read two books and thought of sharing them with you.

Playing for Pizza – John Grisham
I took this book from my college library before a weekend. If I start reading a book, I read it quickly and finish it off within a few days. But, I never intended to read this book that way. I didn’t like the base story much. But to my surprise, I started reading on Friday and finished it on Saturday. There was something I liked and still can’t find out what that something is.

Rick Dockery is a Quarterback for one of the NFL (American football) teams. He is always a poor performer and after a deprived performance, he is dropped and no team is read to acquire him. His agent finds him a place in an Italian team. American football is not celebrated there and players generally play for free meal. Rick agrees to go there and finds that Italy is so different from America (such as food is so important, cars are manual, people give lot of importance for food and are traditional). He inspires his team to super bowl title. Though he is paid less, he finds life peaceful and content. He is called back to NFL, does he agree?

This is the first time I have read a real life, yet fictional novel. After reading the novel, I surfed about John Grisham and found that he writes more of law stuffs and this is a different try. His writing was simple and I think that is the element that attracted. There were no twists and turns, nevertheless reading was interesting. Also, bringing the Italian society into the novel creates interests in the minds of the readers. If you are planning to reside in Italy, don’t forget to read this book once.

Honour among Thieves – Jeffery Archer
I had some difficulty reading this novel, just because it had lot of characters and remembering them was not easy. There is no lead person in this novel. The story revolves around various persons at various points of time.

The year is 1993. Saddam Hussein plans to destroy the US Declaration of Independence and humiliate the Americans. He appoints the deputy ambassador to UN to carry the plan. The deputy ambassador hires Antoni Cavalli, an American con who is brilliant in performing organized crime. He sets out to do this work with the aid of a group of people, under the name of shooting for a movie and steals the parchment.

Now a temporary CIA agent Scott Bradley and Mossad agent Hannah Kopec along with a crew of agents set to Baghdad to return the parchment. They retrieve to find that the ‘so called original document’ is also duplicate. So, where is the original?

A fantastic novel. It deals with the political views surrounding every higher level official. Jeffery Archer also portrays the hardships the people of Iraq faced under the regime of Saddam Hussein. Another different novel I have ever read.

That’s it for now!

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Jeffery Archer is a great writer... Read "Not a Penny More Not a Penny Less" by Him... You will love the book!!
    I have not read this one though!

  2. thanks for the comments... yeah... i have also read not a penny more, not a penny less... very interesting one... this one was more like a thriller...


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