March 25, 2011

Automobile Videos - 2

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This is the continuation of Automobile Videos -1 post.

Working of Catalytic Converter
First, what is catalytic converter? Catalytic converter is a device kept in the exhaust pipe of Automobiles. Basically automobile exhaust consists of gases like Sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and oxides of nitrogen along with some unburned fuel. If these gases are let out into the atmosphere, pollution will increase enormously. So, we use catalytic converters to control the emission. They basically consist of minute matrix shaped structures made of platinum and rhodium or platinum and palladium. They act as catalysts and convert the harmful gases into nearly harmless gases. One drawback is that they work only at high temperatures and hence, they are activated only after traveling for 6 miles.

Check the video to know more detailed information and a superb animation of the process.

Working of Power Steering
Rack and Pinion
In the earlier days, it used to be hard for the drivers to steer a vehicle. Even for a small turn, they needed to apply a lot of effort. But, driving has become very comfortable after the advent to power steering. Steering is generally based on a rack and pinion arrangement. Whenever the steering wheel is turned the pinion moves on the rack and the wheel is turned. The difference between a normal steering and a power steering is that, in normal steering driver has to apply all the force required to turn, but in a power steering he is helped by the hydraulic force.  Refer the video for getting a clear cut view. A car racer explains the principle of power steering.

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