March 26, 2011

Automobile Videos - 3

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This week was a wonderful one for me. I was having nearly no academic works and was hence able to concentrate on lot of other things. It was a great learning week for me. Can’t believe it is Saturday already.

In the Automobile Videos -2 post, I mentioned that steering work by using the rack and pinion arrangement. It is one of the types of steering. There are many type of steering. Another major type of steering is ‘Recirculating ball steering’. Click the below links to know more about Steering.

Turbochargers are devices used to upsurge the efficiency of an automobile engine. To increase the efficiency, the amount of fuel burnt or the amount of air in taken must be increased. Enlarging the cylinder size is one option, but it is not feasible in most of the cases. So we use turbochargers. They are kept in the exhaust manifold of the engine. Turbochargers use a turbine, which is spun by the exhaust gases. So the turbine generates wind and is supplied to the cylinders. This is the principle of turbocharger.

It is particularly very useful in case of hilly regions as the amount of oxygen reduces with altitude (so does the pressure). At these places, the turbochargers make sure that the engine functions properly. The video will explain the things more clearly.

Mercedes Benz 4matic Technology
When you think of Mercedes Benz, you will be just awestruck. Generally, the power generated in an engine will be transmitted to the rear axle (back wheels) through the differential. Certain vehicles transmit a little amount of power to the front axle (using another differential known as auxiliary differential).

Mercedes Benz has introduced a concept called 4matic technology. They use an electronic chip in the differential and this pre-programmed chip governs the power transmitted to all the four wheels. Generally 60% power is transmitted to the rear axle and the remaining 40% is transmitted to the front axle. If the road is bumpy at a certain place, then the chip locks the particular wheel alone. This means there will be a lot of safety to the passengers. Watch the video and you will be mesmerized.

With this I finish the Automobile Videos sequence temporarily.

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  1. Though I did not understand the video much but the second one was pretty interesting... It is perfect for the bumpy and rough Indian roads!!


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