April 5, 2011

Things that crossed my way!

Hi Guys,

It’s nearly 10 days since I wrote my last post. I was busy with my internal exams and also was engrossed in World cup cricket matches.

Cricket Celebrations
It was an unforgettable Saturday. A day that will be etched in all our minds. A day when the dream came true. The celebrations following the win were also memorable. There were crackers and fireworks all around. The newspapers celebrated the victory with so much of enthusiasm. It was then that all the state governments started to announce crores of prize money to the cricketers. The question that came to my mind was ‘Do the cricketers really need it?’ They are already earning crores in IPL and moreover the money they earn in ads is unbelievable. Comparing with them, the prize money is so small. But the money belongs to the people. Think, how much can be done with this money. So, what I feel the money is going to be wasted ultimately.

Elections – A week ahead
We are getting our state assembly elections in a week and I’m really delighted since it is going to be the first time, I’m going to take part in one of the country’s pride – Democracy. It is also really heartening to see that all my classmates are looking forward to cast their vote. So, people who say that young people don’t care about the elections, please change your mind.

Election Commission has been really strict in following the rules and as a result, we don’t even feel like we are nearing elections. There are no banners, no pamphlets, no flags, etc. It is really incredible.

The Shining – Stanley Kubrick (1980)
Two days ago, I watched this horrific thriller movie. Based on Stephen King’s novel named the same, this movie deals with a family who stays in a hotel at Denver during the winter season as caretaker. Everything goes fine, before Jack Nicholson turns crazy and starts to hunt his wife Shelley Duvall and little son Danny. Do they survive it?

The poster says it all
The background music is really scary and it is the biggest plus of the movie. Even you get scared for ordinary scenes. The acting of the trio is also remarkable. Particularly the little boy captures the viewer's heart. To be true, this was the first time I have been so haunted seeing a horror movie.

Manufacturing of Pencils
I came across this wonderful video in youtube. It is a video if Staedtler’s pencil manufacturing. A pencil is simple in its appearance. See this video to know the things behind the manufacturing of pencil.

That’s it for now!!!

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Hey, I think that we should allow people to earn money if they are doing it honestly. No one should stop any one from achieving what they want.

    Sure the cricketers have lots of money but money is never enough. And it could be that the cricketers may use the money for charity.

  2. Yes, cricket is too much hyped these days! What they do with such a lot of money, is anybody's guess?!

    The video was really interesting, it takes so much of an effort to built a simple pencil, never thought about it!

  3. @Angry Ganu

    no one should stop anyone from achieving what they want? I am also saying the same... no one should stop the people from getting facilities...

    they could use it for charity? the best joke i have heard... if thats so, they can return the money as they get it...

    Australia won the WC last 3 times... what did the government do... or rather what did the province governments do?

    they r lot of things to develop in India...

  4. @Arti

    exactly... cricket is hyped so much... will indian team be consistent... many spoke india won both 2007 T20 and 2011 WC... we should also remember our very poor efforts at 2009 and 2010 T20 WCs...


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