April 21, 2011

Power Shedding - An integral part of life in Tamil Nadu!

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I was reading the post Horrible Power cuts that I wrote just about a year ago (24-4-10). It seems the situation was much better then, than how it is now. These days there are nearly 3-4 power cuts each day. One announced 3 hour power shedding and many other surprise power cuts. The total amount of power shedding sums up to nearly 4 hours per day.

Government is taking no steps for improving the situation. Power cuts have become an integral part of life in Tamil Nadu. The duration of power shedding has been constantly increasing over the years. In the recent election manifestos, both the leading parties of the state announced a big list of freebies. The astonishing list included Grinder, Laptop, free land and many other things (I can’t remember). But neither of the parties promised to improve the state of power in the state. Did they fail to remember about the power shedding, as there is no power shedding in Chennai. It is another mystery, why they are not willing to carry out power shedding in Chennai.

As I read the previous post I wrote on Power cuts, I remembered about the Koodankulam Nuclear Project. Does anybody know what happened to the project? I have not seen any media coverage about the project these days. Earlier, they used to write about it, at least giving a clue of the state of the project. Is it still being constructed? Hope the project is still going on.

Earlier there used to be media coverage about the issue. Newspapers and magazines used to publish articles criticizing the government for taking no efforts and would make some suggestions to the government for improving the situation. These days they don’t even care about it (one reason maybe that both people and government didn’t even care about it).

It is such a shock to see that no one is opposing the increased power shedding for over a year or so. One plausible reason is that they have started to accept it and believes that nothing can be done to improve the state of power.

Wake Up, People!

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