April 25, 2011

Earth Day Special!

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I am suffering from cold due to the sudden climate change. Hence I was unable to write about the climate change on World Earth Day (22-4-11) and about my favourite books on World Book Day (23-4-11), which I thought of earlier. Anyway, I decided to write about Earth Day, even though it is over.

This year, we celebrated the 41st Earth Day on April 22. Introduced in 1970, in the United States, Earth Day is intended to create awareness about Earth’s natural environment.

Missing Sparrows
I was alone in my home on the Earth Day, as my parents had gone to attend a function. I woke up by around 7 am and as I woke up, I realized I was having a sore throat. After drinking a cup of self-made bitter coffee, I opened the front door to pick the newspaper. To my surprise there were two house sparrows in the veranda. They were equally surprised and flew out swiftly. It has been sometime since I saw sparrows around my home.

During my childhood days (some 10 years ago), there used to be sparrows all around. House Sparrows are tiny attractive birds. I still remember waking up in the morning and seeing sparrows sitting on the window grills. It used to be wonderful sight. I used to wait for my school bus outside and flock of sparrows used to sit on the road eating the grains spilled by Lorries carrying bags of rice from the nearby rice mill.

Mobile Phone towers are said to be a main cause for vanishing sparrows. These days it is even difficult to spot a sparrow in a village. Lot of articles have been written in the magazines about the decrease in the strength of House Sparrows.

Sudden Climate Change
There has been a sudden climate change in the past few days here. It doesn’t look like summer season with the temperatures wavering around 30 degree Celsius. Usually there will be summer rains, due to the intense heat. But this one is different as the rains are due to change in the sea conditions.

Looking back at the past few years, we can say many accounts of changing climate or extreme climates. Clearly, the reason behind all the climate change is the dangerous Global Warming.

Earth Day 2011
This year’s Earth Day was concentrated on the theme ‘A Billion Acts of Green’. Lot of ideas are provided in the Earth Day website about how we can reduce emissions, increase oxygen levels and decrease global warming. Viewers were asked to take pledges and top pledges were

  • Eat more Local Food
  • I will bring my own reusable shopping bags to the store
  • Switch off the tap while brushing
Visit the Website http://www.earthday.org/ to know more about the Earth Day.

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  1. I didn't know about the Earth Day! Its our duty to look after our mother environment and its so nice to see so many people taking a step towards going green, hope they keep their pledges too. Thanks for the info. Get well soon :)

  2. Never really got the idea of Earth Day but it produced some great pictures. I found this amazing video of our planet! Hope it will inspire you to do your share to keep it this way!

    Here is the link to the video:

  3. @Arti

    thanks for the comments... yeah, its our duty to preserve our nature and we must contribute towards that...

  4. @twickenham20

    thanks for the comments... the video was good... thanks for sharing....


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