June 23, 2011

Babbling Babblers!

Hi Guys,

For the past few days, I have been able to see a few Babblers around my home. They are called as Thavitu Kuruvi in Tamil and it took me some time to find the English word. Finally Google India search engine helped. I typed the Tamil word and was able to find the English translation. They are small sized birds that arrive now and then in search of food. Each time they arrive as a flock and never forget to fight with the squirrels for food.

This time they came day before yesterday. There was only a pair. They were searching for food and when they found a banana (which was thrown out by mom as it began to decay) they started to eat. Exactly at the same time some squirrels arrived and the party was spoiled. I thought of capturing all those moments but I forgot to charge my camera batteries. However I took some photos of the first babbler that arrived.

The next morning, the whole place was filled with some pleasant music as there were some 10-12 babblers flying across the whole place. Their sound was so pleasant to the ears. Later found out that these birds are called Babblers, because of their babbling (which means making continuous sound rapidly). Particularly they communicate a lot when they are in groups. They came today too. Hope it continues for some more days.

Nature is beautiful. Isn’t it?

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Great pics Karthick, never seen them before... And yes nature is indeed beautiful.
    Have a wonderful day:-)

  2. Lovely captures . Babblers usually be in group of 7 and are also known as 7sisters .

  3. @Arti

    thanks for the comments...



  4. @Team G square

    thanks for providing us an interesting info...


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