June 1, 2011

Life's Beautiful!

Hi Guys,

Life’s Beautiful *Conditions Apply. This is the tag line of one of my friends. I have asked him what are those conditions quite some times and he has never given me the answer.

The statement is very true and I think the condition is that you should realize the beautiful things around you and start to enjoy them. Life will be very very beautiful then. I often feel that we fail to notice the things that are beautiful just because they are so small and neglect them.

It was one of those hot summer days today morning and I never expected that there will be a rain. It was sunny till 2 pm and all of a sudden clouds arrived and started to quench the dry earth. The feel was just magnificent. I tried to take some photos and at the end I failed. But when I was taking photos from the windows and doors, the rain water was splashing on face and it was just wonderful. How many of you will consider this wonderful?

Another thing I enjoy always is the appearance and behaviour of tiny creatures. Watching them creates peace and happiness in my mind. I watch squirrels almost every day. The way they roam around actively, the way they quarrel among themselves for food, the way they climb and jump or in short the things they do in order to survive amazes me. I enjoy watching birds, butterflies fly. Have you watched spiders spin their web? It puts in a lot of hard work in that and if the web is destroyed it builds one newly. Also watching these creatures make me realize that life is interconnected and we can’t survive without relying on each other.

Again lets go back to my friend, for whom Life’s Beautiful. I think Life’s Beautiful to him, just because he is full of positive thoughts. There were lot of times when he has sowed positive thoughts inside me. I think the positive thoughts have made him quite philosophical these days. This is what he was saying about my blogging today morning,

‘Not everyone has the power to make people read words written. It's something which can come only when you really mean something from deep inside your mind. This flame will keep u go a very long distance of achievement in your life’

I think he is a far better writer than me. Not just this, he is very philosophical about a lot of things. I have heard him speak about relation between Job and Hard work, Life and Death and many more things. But, whatever he speaks will be positive and will also fuel positive thoughts into you.

Well, he is my friend Vijay Dinesh, who is currently working in Singapore.

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Karthi, you should be greatful to Dinesh for inducing +ve thoughts in you and leading as an example. Kudos to him!!!

  2. thank god for people like you who have the inclination to see beauty in daily lives

  3. Happiness = (Wanting what you have) / (Having what you want). Those who realise that find that Life is indeed beautiful.. Nicely written.

  4. Life is always beautiful !! Even Rose without thorn will not look nice !

  5. @Narayanan

    thanks for the comments and yes, I should be thankful to him....

  6. @confusedyuppie

    thanks for the comments... beauty to me is more in the inner side and not on the outer side...

  7. @Arvindh

    interesting formula...but isn't it the inverse.... having what we want/wanting things....

  8. @Vimal

    thanks dude... failures r always needed for victories and always expecting a sweet path is unfair...


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