July 3, 2010

Apple creating Headaches!

Hi Guys,
A few days ago in my review of iPod post, I mentioned that I was having headaches with iTunes. Yesterday again a frustrating thing happened. Here, let me present you the problem that occurred to me yesterday night.
My iPod belongs to the second generation. The software version is 2.1. When I started using iTunes, update for version 3.1 was available (the one used in 3G iPod). Apple was asking me to update, but I preferred not to do. In the recent days, Apple has introduced iOS4 software for iPod touch and iPhone. Apple website claimed that the new software has many advanced facilities. So I thought of downloading the newer version.
Yesterday night, I opened iTunes and connected my iPod. I clicked the update software tab. iTunes said for downloading the software, I must update my iTunes to version 9.2 (mine was 9.1). So I updated iTunes first. The size of iTunes file was 80 MB. But there was no big difference between the two versions. This process took 20 odd minutes.
Then I downloaded the software. Initially I thought the process will take around 15 minutes. But the file size was 315 MB. It took 90 minutes to download the software. After downloading the software, the iPod was restored and then the newer software was installed.
The worse thing was that all the songs, movies and photos were deleted. The newer version is not as fast as the older one. Album grouping is also poor. Songs in a single album are shown separately.  There was no great difference between the versions.
I was frustrated at the end. The whole process took 400 MB data and 2 hours to download. Other than that I have to copy the songs newly. Installing windows 7 was much easier than this.
The lesson is ‘Don’t fall into Apple’s trap of updates’.
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