April 30, 2010

Effect of Summer in my Garden!

Hi Guys,

I took some photographs in my Garden. It was pathetic to see many of the plants. Most of the plants had completely dried due to the scorching Sun. Here I present some of the photos, that I took.

Dust Laden Leaves!

Ant Burrow in the base of a Coconut Tree!

Half Eaten Coconut. Must have been left by a Crow or Squirrel.
Some Insect Burrow! It must have done it to escape the heat!
Dried Aloe Vera! It is the 1st time I have seen this plant dry up

Trees that couldn't stand the heat!
A small plant that has survived the heat!
Cracks due to lack of water!

Dusty Leaves of Sapotta tree, expecting a little blessing from the Rain Gods!
A close up view of the Ant burrows!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures.

Happy Viewing!!!

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