May 5, 2010

Some Interesting Softwares!

Hi guys,
A few days ago, I came across interesting software known as ‘Everything’. It was very useful software. I thought of sharing information about few softwares which I have found useful.
This is a Search tool. How many of you have been frustrated by using Search software provided by Microsoft? Then this software is for you. It takes a few seconds to Search any file/folder you want. It will search the whole hard disk in a few seconds unlike Windows Search which will take hours to search. Another chief advantage is that the software is Portable and occupies less space (1.66 MB). You can download this software at
This is very useful software that converts your documents, presentations or any other office documents into pdf files. After installing the software you can convert the documents by going to print option. There you need to send the documents to doPDF and the documents will get converted into pdf files. The chief advantage is that it has no page limits like other ‘pdf converter’ softwares. You can download this software at
DAP (Download Accelerator plus)
It is a Download Managing software, which I came to know from my friend a few months ago. Many of you would know and use different download managers. DAP has many other features of which I find Speedbit Video Downloader most useful. You will find a lot of interesting Videos on YouTube and many other sites, but you will not be able to download them. This feature comes handy then. A toolbar will attach to your main browser when you install DAP. Whenever you see a video, you can use the ‘Download Video’ icon to download the video from the respective site.
Speedbit Toolbar in my browser (Firefox)
It’s a Photo Editing Software provided by Google. I have been using this software for a long time. If you don’t know much about photo editing, then you can do the basic adjustments (like red eye detection, light adjustments, etc) in Picasa. You can use the Face Detection to tag your friends in the photo. More than that, you can upload the photos to Picasa Web Albums easily. It has lot more attractive features. Find it yourself. You can download the software at
VLC Media Player
It’s a Media player as the name suggests. It’s the best player for playing Videos, as far as I know. It is easy to handle this software. It supports video files of all formats. You can control the volume to a wide range (from 0 to 400%). The file size is also very less. You can download at
Hope these softwares are useful for you. If you know any useful softwares, please post them in the Comments column, so that all the readers can use them.
Happy Reading!!!

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