May 26, 2010

Dreadful Power cuts!

Hi Guys,
How would it be getting awakened in mid of your sleep because of sweat? I had one such night yesterday.
My parents had gone to Chennai and so I was alone in my home. It was 9.45 when I finished washing the cooking utensils. I had Strength of Materials exam today and hence I started to prepare for the exams. Suddenly the lights went off. I took my mobile phone and saw that the time was 11pm. It was 11.15pm when power came again. I was sodden in sweat and I was in no mood to study. So I decided to go to bed.
Within a few minutes, I was asleep. I was awakened in the mid of my sleep. When I awoke, I was startled. My whole body was drenched in sweat. I found that there was no power. I took my phone and saw that the time was 2am. I assumed that power would have gone in between 1.30am to 1.45am from the amount of sweat generated from my body.
To avoid dehydration I drank some water and decided to stay awake until power came back. I thought power might comeback in 10 or 15 minutes as usual. But time was moving on and power was not coming. In my sleepy mood, seconds turned into minutes and minutes turned into hours. I was checking the time for every few minutes and thought power might come back now. But it never came.
When it was 3’o clock I thought there might be some problem in the transformer or in the electric wires. I opened my bedroom window and was dazed to see that the street light was glowing as bright as ever. I was able to hear the sound of neighboring house’s Air Conditioner. I was afraid that there was some problem with the electricity connection in my home. I was standing nearby the window thinking of what to do next. Suddenly the environment became silent. When I saw through the window the street was completely black. I was thinking whether some ghost was playing with me. Then I understood that there was problem in one of the three phases. We have single phase connection in our home, whereas our neighbor has 3-phase connection (that was why AC was running there).
It was 3.15 pm, when power came back. I fell asleep quickly. When I next woke up, I was hearing the alarm sound of my mobile phone. It was 6am. I was not feeling great, but got up since I needed to get ready for the college. Some of my friends told me that they had same type of problem in their homes too. I was bewildered. அடப்பாவிகளா... Power cut பன்ன இப்பிடி ஒரு  techniqueஆ? என்ன ஒரு வில்லத்தனம்???
2 minute power cut
You might have heard about 2 minute noodles. Here a new concept of 2 minute power cut is slowly blooming. Power will go suddenly and in a few minutes, power will be back. This stuff happens 3 or 4 times a day. Actually what is happening is unknown?
Power இருக்கா இல்லையா?
Last week, I read in a newspaper that power shortage in Tamil Nadu had come down from 1500 MW/day to 350 MW/day, because of the increase in wind power production, thanks to the cyclone Laila. Then our officials should have reduced the load shedding time from 3 hours to 1 or 2 hours. But, as if there was no shortage our officials removed the scheduled load shedding.
Last week, when I told my brother about the situation here, he told me, ‘ஏன்டா இப்பிடி  cycloneஆல power கெடச்சா, ஒரு ரெண்டு மன்னேரமா கொறச்சா,  ரொம்ப நாளைக்கு continue பண்ணலாமே? நம்ம ஆளுங்க தெரிஞ்சு பன்றாங்களா , இல்ல தெரியாம   பன்றாங்களா?’
From what is happening now, I think நம்ம ஆளுங்க தெரிஞ்சே தான் பண்றாங்க. Power cut பண்றது இல்லனு சொல்லிட்டு, unofficially they are shedding the power.  This is more frustrating than the scheduled load shedding. At least then, we knew the exact time and we were able to adapt to it.
Scheduled power shedding is much better than this unscheduled power shedding.
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