May 31, 2010

Things that crossed my way!

Hi Guys,
First thanks to all of you, who wished me on my Birthday. I had cold (due to that dreadful power cut) and so it was quite a dull birthday.
Singam- A short review
Today I went to the movie Singam. After excellent responses from everyone who saw the movie, I wanted to see it. It seems to a superb commercial movie, after a long time. The story is as follows. Surya is Durai Singam, a Sub Inspector in Nallor station and lives there along with his parents. Prakash Raj is a bad chap who earns money by kidnapping richer people’s heirs and threatening building constructors in Chennai. He is arrested in one such deal and meets Surya in Nallor. The fire kicks off then. Prakash Raj transfers Surya to Chennai. The remaining part is the encounter between Surya and Prakash Raj.
The movie is very racy, particularly the second half. Surya’s acting is wonderful. He seems to be trying different stuff in each movie and his acting is perfect. Though some of his dialogues and his logical stuff reminded me of the movie Vel. Prakash Raj does his job as a villain perfectly. Some of the action sequences are breath taking. Songs could have been a little better. Humor is good. Sun network’s promotion for the film has worked well. Particularly the dialogue’s about Singam (shown first in tv) creates excitement. I was not able to hear a part of that sequence in theater. Seems that Sun network has released a good movie after a long time.
Innovations in Transportation- Boon or Bane
This Sunday I went to Periyar Bus Stand to reserve tickets. I went in one of the new deluxe buses that have been introduced in the city. It was a Tata Marco polo bus. Some of the new buses introduced were Tata buses and the remaining were Ashok Leyland buses. All the buses existing earlier were from Ashok Leyland. The Tata bus was very different from the conventional buses. The outer look was not very attractive. I got into the bus after long hesitation.
On the inside the bus was good. It had lot of features that were completely absent in the Ashok Leyland buses. It offered a lot of safety to the passengers. The bus had two emergency exits. The bus had stop buttons near the footboard (a feature like the chain available in trains). Another button available near the door provided manual opening of the doors. The lighting was also good. The floor design was good. It had many hangers for the standing passengers, unlike the Ashok Leyland buses which have a very few. On the whole the bus was good.
On the other hand, I started to think about the usage of these things. The door was not closed (only a very few drivers close it). The new deluxe buses are quite good, but is it right to collect 1.6 times the fare of ordinary buses? I can sense no difference in the comfort levels. As I said there was lot of innovations in the bus. But do people know it? Our transport corporation must create awareness about that stuff to people. All the new buses have provisions for electronic display boards. But only half the buses display the destinations through the electronic boards. The others simply use the conventional boards.
There are lots of innovations in our city buses. But it should reach people properly. Otherwise it will remain as a bane and will never become a boon to our people.
Who is an Engineer?
An interesting saying I read in one of my books (it was written as a chapter’s beginning)
Optimist: The glass is half full.
Pessimist: The glass is half empty.
Engineering Consultant: The glass is twice as large as it needs to be.
A SMS I received
I received this SMS today: A new T-Shirt quote in Colleges about Mechanical Engineering: “EVEN TO SPELL ENGINEERING WE NEED ENGINE”.
My personal note: It is true that Engineering started from the term Engine. Earlier Engineering focused on creating engines for machines, weapons, automobiles, etc (All those stuff remains in Mechanical Engineering today). As time went on other branches started to evolve. This is one of the main reasons why we are so proud to be Mechanical Engineering students.
You can know much about evolution of Engineering at
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