November 25, 2011

Photo Collection -2

Hi Guys,

I found some newly grown chilies in my garden yesterday and took my Camera to shoot them. To my dismay, there was no charge in the batteries and hence I had to charge my batteries. Today morning when I woke up it was raining and the climate was awesome. I took some pictures and here I present them.

White flower with water droplets.
A single flower!
To me, it seems to be some sort of formation, but don't know if I am imagining too much!
Water droplets on a leaf
A left over part from coconut tree
Light from a lamp
Chilies hanging
Here's the link to the album in Picasa Web Albums

Happy Viewing!!!


  1. Loved your work :) each photograph stands out...

  2. @TheBluntBlogger

    good to hear it from a photographer like u...

  3. @Karthick With every photo post you are becoming awesome and awesome.
    This is a professional work : )

  4. @Abhishek

    thanks for the comments... photography has turned out to be a good hobby for me... trying to improve myself everyday:)

  5. I agree with Abhishek completely. Your photos are just amazing Karthick! The flowers, leaf with water, lamp... Wow!! Loved them all, keep clicking you have a penchant for capturing pics from different angles...
    Have a wonderful sunday:)

  6. @Arti

    thanks for the comments...

    @Team G square

    thanks... nice to get comments from u...


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