November 1, 2011

Things that crossed my way!

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I was busy for the last few days and I was not able to observe and follow lot of things, including my favorite F1 race held at India for the first time.
A mixed post in my blog after a very long time.

7am Arivu – My View
I watched the movie 7am arivu today morning. The reviews I heard before were mixed. People who watched it first day said it was very poor (due to the over promotions). But in the following days, the movie started to get good responses and I went with a neutral mind. I found the movie interesting. The movie had quite a huge number of flaws, but it was compensated by a good story line. With 3 songs less and better back ground music, the movie would have been much better. Comparing to the current commercial movies, the movie was better in many ways. I would rate this movie higher than many of this year’s hit commercial movies.

Auto Up gradation in Trains
Whenever I used to book train ticket, there would be an option known as Auto Up gradation. Passengers booking in lower classes will be updated to higher classes if the higher class seats are unoccupied. I often think why this option is there as all the seats are occupied generally. Last Sunday I travelled with my friend from Chennai and when I booked, the status was RAC. When I checked the chart, to my surprise the ticket was updated to First Class from Sleeper. I never expected it and out of nearly 100 confirmations, only 3 were updated. It is interesting when something that we never expect to occur, occurs.

Vigilance Awareness Week (Oct 31 – Nov 6)
On October 30th, we were celebrating the success of Indian Grand Prix and it was a proud moment for us. On the other hand, October 31st marked the beginning of Anti corruption week, a phenomenon in which India has been at the bottom of the table for a very long time. It is probably one of the worst weeks celebrated. Government officials (who are also citizens of this country) must have a social responsibility and it is shame that they have to be remembered by creating awareness for a week. This week is observed for the past 10 years and I see no difference (or rather to say, the corruption has only increased).

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  1. super article da...its so sad that corruptuion has increased da.....

  2. Well, upgradation in trains seems to be a good option. You were lucky to be in those few people who were upgraded.
    Have a good day Karthick:)

  3. Great news regarding auto up gradation in train .


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