August 23, 2011

Past is no Good!

Hi Guys,

It is so interesting to note that how people forget the past so easily. This is the worst series India has played in the last 10 years. There are numerous reasons behind that. One main reason people say is that Dhoni failed as captain. A few months back, when India won the world cup people were saying, 'Dhoni is the best ever captain India has got'.

Over the past 4 years he has developed our team to a very good extent and all his good work is now forgotten. Maybe if India wins the ODI series people may say Dhoni never gives in.

Winning continuously is impossible. Even when England won the Ashes in 2005 and boasted themselves, they lost pitifully 0-5 to Australia in 2007. When Australia won 15 matches continuously, they lost the series to India in 2001. When England comes to India next year, the result maybe completely opposite.

This is also an important lesson in life. No matter, how long you keep winning, you will be criticized when you fail. And when you fail, all the victories you achieved will be forgotten. We should not be frightened by the criticism.

Finally, I read these beautiful lines in Facebook today. Thanks to Vijay Dinesh who posted it.

A Person should not be too honest and straight forward.
Straight trees are cut first and straight forward people are screwed first.
- Chanakya

Happy Reading!!!


  1. Its not that they lost which hurts but the manner in which they lost...
    They showed no fight, lacked character, gave up too easily and seemed to have no teeth for a fight!!! Number one teams also lose but never like this, Australia and West Indies never lost in a manner in which we lost!! It was a shameful display by our team!

  2. @Arti

    yeah... true... it was a bad series... australia's ahses last year was a bad one... they lost to england so poorly... england have lost 5-0 to aussies right after defeating them 2-1... well, after all we need to learn lessons... lets see them ODI series...

  3. that's the price of fame one has to pay! Everyone has an opinion and we are too good at it. I think Dhoni doesn't need to prove what he is capable of, there must be some lessons to be learnt and he surely will bounce back.


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