October 5, 2011


Hi Guys,

It was raining heavily yesterday night and I thought I would get a good chance to snap a few mushrooms that were blooming yesterday. Today morning I found many interesting things other than the mushrooms. Here are the pictures.

Yellow Oleanders that bloomed today!
Beautifully glowing in the Sun!
Newly Blooming Plant
Black Worm!
In the Sand!
Stem of Tulsi Plant!

Happy Viewing!!!


  1. Speechless after seeing this pics.
    I have asked you before,can you tell me which Camera are you using now, they looks like professional.

  2. All are very beautiful photographs.Nice work

  3. @Abhishek

    sorry mate... i was busy then and was not able to reply...

    i use my usual camera... Canon Powershot A550... 7 MP and 4X optical zoom... ordinary point and shoot one... indeed very old one... u can't find a camera with the same specs now... camera doesn't matter... the way u understand photography is important...

    thanks for the comments...

  4. @Seema

    thanks for the comments...

  5. Amazing pics, loved all of them. Very beautiful ..

  6. Beautifully clicked! All of them are eye catching, but my favorite is the stones and the Tulsi seeds stem...
    Wish you and your family a very Happy Dussehra Karthick:)

  7. @Arti

    thanks... wish u a Happy Dussehra too...

  8. Absolutely loved the flower...but that crawling creature :(


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