October 22, 2011

Encounter with Ghost - or was it a Ghost?

Hi Guys,

An interesting event happened a few days ago.

My parents had been on a 10 day trip to Varanasi and other holy places around. So, I was alone in my home for those 10 days. The days went quick as I had some works to do and I was also in charge of organizing a Quiz competition in my college. One evening I went with my friend to take printouts of the posters. We came back by 8.30 pm and I went to his home. He is residing with some of my classmates in a rented home. When I went there, power was not there and the whole room was dark.

He asked me, ‘Karthi, are you alone at your home?’ I said yes and he asked me, ‘Don’t you have any fear?’

I said I was used to it since my parents go to many functions frequently. He said, ‘I too don’t have fear sleeping alone in my home (at his native), but here I am afraid’

I said, ‘Yeah, it’s a big house and its quite bad in shape too. So, you may have fear’ He replied, ‘No karthi, the size is not a problem. There is something is this house’ I was shocked. I said ‘What???’

He said, ‘Yes karthi, everyone here has experienced that’ I thought there was really some ghost and got afraid. There was no power and my eyes were looking everywhere around. I said, ‘Ok mate. I have an urgent work and need to go home. Bye!’

Next day, in college I asked him what was there in his house? So he narrated his experience.

‘A few days back I was sleeping in the second room and all my roommates were sleeping in the other room. I didn’t sleep there as I was having cold and that room had two windows and cold breeze would intensify my cough. I was sleeping quite well until 2 am.

‘I woke up by 2 am and went to the bathroom. I came back to the room and I saw that someone was standing outside the hall window (which is visible from the bedroom). I went to hall and asked who it was. There was no reply. I came back and lay down.

‘Two minutes later the person was knocking the window heavily. I went to the hall and shouted who he was. There was no reply for some time. I switched on the light, but the person was invisible. I switched off the light and then I heard a reply “Why are you concerned about who I am. Go and Sleep”. I went back and covered my face with bed sheet and slept’

I was expecting a big story and when he finished his narration, I was furious. A few days later the whole story spread in my class and he got famous with his ghost encounter. I and few of my friends sat with him and convinced him that it was not a ghost. He doesn’t believe and says that he is sure that it was a ghost.

Here are a few reasons put forth my me and my friends

  1.  It might have been a thief. My friend says that the door to the balcony was locked and there is no way a thief may come. We say that there are lots other places to climb or fall other than the door.
  2. The house owner is a drunkard. His roommates say that he often drinks and babbles. There are lots of possibilities that it was him as he has a key too.
  3. We asked him why he didn’t awaken others and call for help. He came with the greatest explanation. I didn’t do anything to the ghost and so I knew that the ghost would not do anything to me.
  4. The other possibility is that it was a dream. But he says that it was real and he remembers things, but half his explanations look imaginary.

Half his roommates are more afraid than him and now they are having sleepless nights and this story has become a big comedy in my class with lot of imaginations flowing in.

Happy Reading!!!


  1. :| and i just read this at 10:34pm my time :| darn am scared now.

  2. What a story! I think he is cooking it all up!! It seems funny in some parts. Also you did not go to Varanasi, you missed the trip of a lifetime Karthick.
    Have a fabulous Sunday:)

  3. Good one!! Hey one suggestion, why dont you try your hand at writing some short stories??? You have read books of really good authors like Sidney Sheldon, Agatha Christie, Jeffrey Archer right..analyse why their style of narration is so effective..and start writing your own stories..

  4. @The Blunt Blogger

    joking or serious???

  5. @Arti

    maybe, maybe not... he was scared... yeah, i know its a great trip... but with college, exams and other stuffs, 10 days was impossible...

  6. @Nataraj

    thanks for the suggestion anna... i do read the books and i have been thinking abt that... but the problem is i am quite not used to it and inventing characters and scenes maybe problematic... anyway will try...

  7. Haha nice story , during my childhood i used to be very much interested in stories like this .

  8. @Team G square

    yeah... we used to scared so much in our childhood days...

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