October 17, 2011

Energy Sucking Aliens!

September 04, 2004
It was an unforgettable day in my life. I was 14 then, a dreamy boy wondering about things that would never happen. I came across this interesting news in the daily newspaper.

The International Space Station (ISS) was orbiting over Madurai and it would be visible to naked eyes for the next few days and there was a time table. The time schedule of ISS crossing Madurai along with the directions was given. The first day, it was early and I knew it would not be visible. For the next three days it was between 7 pm and 10 pm. After that it was in the early morning. So I decided to watch the ISS on all the three days.

September 06, 2004
The first of the three days came. The time specified for observation was 7.18 pm and it was given that the station would be moving from Southeast to Northwest. It was the first day and I didn’t know what to expect. I went to terrace by 7.15pm. I called my brother and parents, but none were interested. I was looking into the space constantly. A few minutes later, ISS appeared. It looked like a bright star moving at a constant pace. It was brighter than other stars and it just moved across the sky. It was just majestic to see. I was just wondering about the brilliance of scientists at Space Centers across the world.

September 07, 2004
I was very eager to see the ISS again. The specified time was 9.13 pm. I was feeling very excited that day. There was fervor inside me and I was not able to eat properly. I didn’t know why. I was feeling feverish, but I thought the excitement created that. I went to the terrace by around 9.10 pm. My subconscious was saying something was not good, but I was not hearing.

The ISS appeared in the northwest direction. I started looking, before I realized the ISS was supposed to appear in southwest direction. I looked in the southwest direction. Well, the ISS was coming out from there. So, what was in the northwest direction? I looked again there. It was something different. It composed to three symmetrical dots and each dot were in separate color. One was Red, the other orange and the final one Violet. It was brightly glowing as it became more visible.

I have heard of UFOs and Flying Saucers, but never thought I would see one. It was travelling is such a way that it was going to collide with ISS. Danger, said my mind. I was awestruck and I kept watching both the flying stuff moving towards each other. When they came at the same spot, I realized that the UFO was flying higher than the ISS. But, when they were in same axis, ISS stopped moving. There was some sort of an invisible bridge between the two stations. One moment I was able to see, the other moment I wasn’t.

Suddenly the invisible bridge extended all the way down to earth. All the creatures in the trees started to hoot and cry because of fear. I felt a sudden drop of energy inside me. It was as if someone was sucking my energy. I was able to see someone coming down through that bridge. It was a different creature, something I had never seen before. The more closely it came, the more energy I lost. I was not able to stand there. A lot of heat was emitted and there was an invisible heat circle. The circle was growing bigger and it pushed me farther. At one moment, the heat was so great and I lost all my energy. Last thing, I remembered I fainted and fell down from the terrace.

September 08, 2004
I was startled and I was awakened suddenly. I was about to fall down from the bed. I suddenly stopped myself and I was not able to recollect the dream quickly.

I remembered I didn’t visit the ISS the previous day. I was more afraid to visit it that day. I thought my dream might come true. But my mind insisted me to go up. I went upstairs to see ISS. Well, there was no issue that night.

The energy sucking Aliens never came back!!!


  1. What an experience. I have never witnessed these orbiting stations. And your dream was scary!!
    Have a nice day Karthick:)

  2. Ha Ha , nice one . Lost in dreams .


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